Thursday, June 30, 2022

Curly Ribbon Crafts

 Rock your party with curly ribbon party lights! 

        It's almost time for a firecracker Fourth of July celebration, so let's get our red, white and blue craft on and create a few simple party lights to light up the night!  Here's a couple of ideas to start with...

Here's what I used:
  • Gwen Studios Curly Ribbon - Red, White & Blue
  • Gwen Studios 3/8" Grosgrain Taffy Stripe ribbon - Red & White
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Glow Sticks
  • Solar Light Mason Jar Lid
  • Small Crystal Mason Jar
  • Scissors
  • 3 Small wood beads - 2 Red & White
  • Empty plastic bottle - Small
  • 12" Bakers twine, or jute (to hang)

Glow-Stick Light


1. Cut about 2" off the bottom of the plastic bottle. Make sure to include about 1/2" of the flat side of the bottle.

2. Use the point of your scissors to make a hole at the center of the bottom of the bottle. Tie one end of the twine to the glow stick cap then thread the other end through the hole up from the inside. Thread the beads onto the other end then make a loop at the top to hang. This will be the top of your light.

3. With edges aligned, adhere the double-sided tape around the cut edge.

4. Cut equal numbers of each color of curly ribbon into 15" lengths then curl each piece by carefully running the length of ribbon between your thumb and the blade of your scissors.  You will need enough pieces to go around the edge of the bottle. Adhere the end of each curled piece to the adhesive tape around the edge of the bottle. 

5. Adhere grosgrain ribbon around the edge to cover the ends of the ribbon and, if desired,  tie a small bow around the hanger at the top of the beads. Trim the lengths of ribbon as needed then push the glow stick into the top and hang.  Remove the glow stick to activate then replace. 

Mason Jar Solar Light

        You probably have a mason jar, but you may need to purchase the solar light lids. I purchased mine from Amazon.

        This is quick'n EZ to make. You don't even need to use a mason jar since the fairy lights will simply hang down from under the solar lid among the strands of curly ribbon. All you need to do is adhere the double-sided adhesive tape around the edge of the lid, add the curled pieces of ribbon then cover the ends with the grosgrain ribbon to finish.  Note: The wire ring of the hanger that comes with the solar lid, is sized to fit around the neck of a jar. You will need to make an adjustment to it if you plan to use it around the lid if you don't use a jar.

Time to light up the decorations! 


        There are so many other colors of curly ribbon to choose from and with glow-sticks in abundance at different times of the year, I can imagine glow-stick lights with white curly ribbon and google eyes as ghost lights for Halloween in Fall, shades of blue, green and a little pink would make a fabulous jelly fish! What would you make?


Yours truly,
Julie 💝


Curly ribbon used in my projects was provided by Gwen Studios. It is available in a variety of colors at Walmart and online at  All other supplies were purchased by me. 

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  1. Your photos with the lights inside are amazing and I bet those ribbons are glorious with a light breeze

    1. Anonymous7/01/2022

      Thanks Janet. Yes, they do look great when it's a little breezy. I'll probably make some with just white ribbon and google eyes to hang from the trees for Halloween! Cute for witches too! And jelly fish for seaside theme bathroom for kids......