Thursday, August 24, 2017

British Bow Maker

As a member of the Designer Crafts Connection, I received a DecoFun Bow Maker and a selection of vintage ribbons for some crafty fun...

In less than 5 minutes I'd made a bow to decorate the frame I made earlier.  It was the perfect embellishment for this project.

Here's how easy it was to make:

1.  I adjusted the upright plastic rods to create the width of the bow.  Wrap with ribbon with 3 loops at each side making sure the ribbon goes between the loops at the center.  The end of the ribbon will be at the opposite side from where you started. 


2.  I wanted to add the lace ribbon to the bow, so I used a clip to hold the green ribbon loops together, removed them from the bow maker and set aside.


3.  To make the lace loops smaller, I moved the vertical rods closer to the center, then wrapped the lace ribbon around the rods, creating 2 loops on each side. 


4.  Place the green ribbon behind the lace loops then remove the clip. 


5.  Slide the twist tie under the ribbon loops. Squish the center of both ribbons together then secure with the twist tie.

6.  Remove the bow then separate the loops.  Wrap one end of the lace ribbon around the center to cover the twist tie if visible then attach the bow to the top of the frame.  Fold a 6" piece of green ribbon in half. Trim the ends then attach to the bottom of the frame at the back.

Bows are not just for home dec.  My 9 year old granddaughter was visiting and asked if she could use the bow maker to make some bows for school.  We pulled out my ribbon stash and a couple of hours later she was heading home with a bag full of bows - one to match each outfit and plans to make bows for her friends.  TIP:  We quickly ran out of the twist ties, so we used small zip ties instead.... they work great! 

Look for more ideas and inspiration on the Designer Crafts Connection blog today!  Enjoy!

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