String Art Kits and Dies

Featured BellaCon 2023 Workshop 

String Art for Paper Crafting!

        In this workshop, you will learn how to create string art embellishments for all your paper crafting needs using special dies and even decorative edge scissors!  Make ornaments, bookmarks, or simply use to decorate cards, tags and, of course, your favorite scrapbook pages! 

        String along with this special kit which includes everything you'll need to make an ornament including 4 dies to make additional shapes in your choice of color,  4" x 6", silver/gold Rinea® double sided foil and instruction sheet. 

$20   (includes shipping - US only)  

String Art Dies ONLY (2 large & 2 small)

        $15  (includes shipping - US only)

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  1. Julie- I ordered the stringing kit- but never saw an opportunity to specify the color. I would like the blue and silver although the other one is fine too. Looks like fun!