Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Etched Slate - Aloha Summer!

Wherever you live, celebrate the joys of Hawaii at home with this etched slate plaque!

You will need:

etchall® crème

etchall® etchmask and transfer paper

Slate, 5” x 7”


Pik tool

Swivel blade craft knife, or a digital cutting machine



1. Download the pattern onto your computer, then either print, or upload to your cutting software.

2. Cut the pattern from etchmask using your digital cutting machine, or cut around the traced design with a swivel blade craft knife. It is only necessary to cut the vinyl, not the backing paper.


3. Use the pik tool (or the point of a craft knife) to remove the areas of the design that will be etched. Insert the tip of the knife into the vinyl away from the cut edge, then lift gently.



4.   Once all areas to be etched have been exposed, cover the top of the etchmask with transfer paper.  Press firmly onto the etchmask, then carefully peel the backing sheet away from the etchmask.



5.  With the transfer paper facing up, position then press the etchmask firmly onto the slate then remove the transfer paper.  Make sure that all areas of the slate not to be etched are completely covered. Use pieces of transfer paper on the edges or corners as needed.




6. Cover the open areas liberally with etching crème. NOTE: etchall etching crème is reusable, so you cannot use too much. Use the squeegee to spread the crème across the open areas on the slate.  After 10 minutes, use the squeegee to move the crème around a little being careful not to touch the slate surface. 



7. After an additional 5 minutes, scrape the crème back into the container then rinse the slate and remove the etchmask to reveal your etched design.



NOTE:  etchall etching crème creates a permanent etch on slate, glass, ceramic, mirror, porcelain and other glazed surfaces. Please read directions thoroughly. Do not rinse over a porcelain sink, or work on a glazed countertop (granite, etc). Even a small amount of etching product will permanently etch any of these surfaces. 


        Use etchall etching crème and dip to customize glass, mirror, china, or slate pieces for your home, or to give as a gift. You can also use stencils to create the designs of your choice!  Search "glass etching" in the search bar on my blog for more project ideas.  Enjoy!

Yours truly,

Julie 💝


etchall® products were provided by B&B etchall.  Check their website for the full product range.

Use code  BELLA622  for 20% off your order

The slate was purchased from my local Michaels store. Some surfaces are also available online.

  I receive a small endorsement fee for featuring my etched projects on my blog.

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