Saturday, January 7, 2023

Dress It Up with Ribbon!

It's almost Valentine's Day and you're wondering what to get for a special friend... 

A box of chocolate is a good idea for any occasion, but let's dress it up with some ribbon and gift along with some fresh flowers. After all, presentation is everything!

You'll need:
Gwen Studios Single-faced 1.5" white satin ribbon 
Gwen Studios Double-faced 7/8" pink satin ribbon - 28"
Gwen Studios Double-faced 3/8" pink satin ribbon - 1 yd
Double sided adhesive tape
Lo-temp glue gun (optional)
12" ruler
2 Small binder clips

1.  Wrap the white ribbon around the box, or just the lid if it's removable, about a third of the way down from the top. Secure at each end then add two lengths of the narrow pink ribbon over the top as shown below then add bow at the center.  You can make a simple bow by creating 4 loops as you pass the narrow ribbon back and forth then secure the loops where they cross at the center with a staple - EZPZ. Adhere to the center of the ribbon across the box.   

2. To make the ribbon rose for the center, wrap the 7/8" pink ribbon diagonally around a 12' ruler. Secure the ends with binder clips. 

3. Place a strip of double-sided adhesive tape across the edge of the wrapped ribbon then remove the binder clips and gently remove the ribbon from the ruler, removing the liner from the tape as you go.

4. Starting at one end, roll the ribbon along its sticky edge to form the rose. Note: roll tightly as you begin, then more loosely as you roll toward the end adjusting the loops as you wrap. 

5. Glue the rose to the center of the bow on the box to finish..

Whether your friends love chocolates or not, they'll certainly love their beribboned box! Enjoy!

Yours truly,
Julie 💝

Ribbon was provided by Gwen Studios. It is available at your local Walmart stores and online at, and JoAnn'
Look for more inspiration for crafting with ribbon at