Sunday, June 30, 2019

Decorate with Bloomers!

Home is where you hang your bloomers to announce that summer is here!

You will need:
  • Kunin® Classic Felt, 9” x 12” – Baby Pink, Lemon Frost, White and Apple Green
  • Kunin® Premium Felt, 9” x 12” – Kelly Green 
  • Cricut® Maker™ with Rotary blade
  • Joy® Iron-on Embroidered letters – O x 2, B L M
  • Mod Podge® Ultra Spray - Matte
  • Zots® clear adhesive dots - singles
  • 12” x 16” Wood plaque*
  • 10” Embroidery Hoop*
  • Tacky glue & lo-temp glue gun
  • Canvas cloth (drop cloth)

*Choose a plaque to suit your particular needs and an embroidery hoop large enough to fit on top as shown.  Embroidered letters are also available in different sizes.


1.  Cut 4 pieces of canvas cloth to cover each section of the wood plaque then, following manufacturer’s directions, spray the wood liberally with mod podge ultra. Press the cloth on top then set aside to dry.  Rinse the spray nozzle when finished to avoid clogging. 

2. Glue the hoop in place on top of the covered plaque with lo-temp glue. Peel the backing from the embroidered letters to reveal the adhesive, then press firmly in place as shown. TIP: Always start by placing the middle letter first, then adding letters to the left and right for even spacing.


3. Using the “felt acrylic” setting and rotary blade on your Cricut® Maker, cut 7, 2” x 1” oval felt shapes for each medium rose and 7, 2 ½” x 1 ¼” ovals for a larger rose.  Cut 16, or more 2” and 2 ½” leaves from 2 shades of green using the pattern below.


You can download/or print the leaf pattern here:

4. Using adhesive dots, attach 7 ovals together in a slight curve. Press the felt firmly onto the adhesive dots.


5.  Starting at one end, tightly roll the linked shapes together to form the rose.  To prevent unrolling, squeeze shapes together at the base then secure by spreading lo-temp glue across the bottom. 

6. Position roses, rosebuds* and leaves on the plaque at the base of the hoop, then glue in place. 

*Create rose buds by tightly rolling 3-4 shapes together.

Hang your bloomers for summer fun and enjoy!

Yours truly,