Friday, June 3, 2016

Father's Day!

It's Father's day in 2 weeks, so here's a gift you can make in jiffy that dad will definitely enjoy!


You will need the following supplies:
        Glass mug (I got this for about $2 at Walmart)
        etchall® glass etching crème (link in sidebar)
        etchall® etchmask & transfer paper
        Swivel knife and pik tool
        Pattern or stencil

1.  Create the design using fonts installed on your computer, or die cutting machine software (best option) then cut. You can also create the pattern in Word, print then trace onto the etchmask.  Cut with a swivel blade.


NOTE:  Measure the area where you want to etch the design then center the design on your stencil. This will help when it's time to position the stencil on the side of the mug. For example, if you want the design to be 1" below the rim of the glass and 2" to the right of the handle, make sure there is a 1" border above the design and 2" from the left edge on your stencil. 

2.  Cut a piece of transfer paper the same size as your stencil. Remove the backing paper then cover the top of the stencil with the transfer paper.  Remove the backing from the yellow etchmask.


 3.  With the top edge of the stencil aligned with the rim of the glass mug, place the stencil on the side of the glass. Press firmly in place.  Carefully remove the transfer paper.


4.  Use a pik tool, or point of a craft knife to carefully remove the letters to reveal the design to be etched. Use the transfer paper and pieces of backing paper to cover all other areas of the glass to prevent accidental etching.

5.  Balance the mug so it doesn't roll then cover the open areas in the stencil with a liberal amount of etching crème.  I use a plastic spoon to to add the cream.  NOTE: This product is reusable so you can't use too much! 

6.  After 15 minutes, scrape the etching crème back into its container then rinse the mug under warm, running water. DO NOT do this over a porcelain sink!  This is an etching product and it will etch your sink too!  Be aware of your surroundings when working with etching product.  Do not work on a granite, quartz or slate countertop, or they may be etched too!  I work on a laminate countertop.

7.  Remove the stencil then polish with a soft cloth to reveal your perfectly etched design.  Fill with dad's favorite drink and enjoy!  Cheers y'all!

Yours truly,
Julie :)