Sunday, February 2, 2014

Craft & Hobby Trade Shows

Make'n Takes are always a popular feature at the trade shows.  This is where designers, retailers and publishers have an opportunity to create with a new product.  The hands on projects are a way to discover its features and benefits first hand and they can learn techniques they may not have previously been aware of.  All this helps them sell, promote and write about the product from experience.

We had a total of 6 Make'n Take projects in the Smoothfoam booth at the recent trade show in Anaheim in addition to a variety of demos which featured cutting Smoothfoam, rubber stamping on Smoothfoam, adding texture to its surface and painting on it.  These are the projects we featured to show a variety of uses for the product.  You can find full instructions by clicking on each link.

Fabric Egg @
For this project we wrapped a Smoothfoam egg with torn strips of fabric, learned how to make a tassel and a fluffy bow and assembled it all without glue!


Faux Photo Canvas @
I love photography and used one of my photos for this project.  I added the wording in Photoshop then printed it on to a sheet of Craft Attitude.  The Craft Attitude film adheres beautifully to the smooth, Smoothfoam surface.


Disco Pendant @
Lightweight and easy to make, you could also make a matching pair of earrings.


Goodie Jar @
Such a great gift giving idea!  Make one for Valentine's Day and fill with "kisses"!

Desktop Photo Holder @
 D├ęcoupage the top layer of a printed napkin on to the sides of a Smoothfoam cube to create this photo, or message holder. 

"Tweet" Bag @
This felt pouch is a fun way to carry around your cell phone and keeps it handy for when you see something to "tweet" about....

These projects show how easy it is to use Smoothfoam for Home Dec Accents, Jewelry, Gift Giving and more!  They are all easy to make'n take to a friend, or keep at home.  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now....

Yours truly,
Julie :)