Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Save the Bees! Earth Day Project

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Earth day is the day when we're reminded to be kind and considerate to the planet we call home and to do our part to protect it as much as possible. This little bee project is an easy to make reminder, that even the tiniest of creatures has a BIG part to play too!

You will need:

  • Kunin® Classic™ 9” x 12” Craft Cuts – 1 each Lemon Frost, yellow, white and black


  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered Classic Monograms letter sheet – black
  • Glue gun & lo-temp glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Quilt pins
  • Empty water bottle
  • Artificial flower stem with leaves
  • Paper shreds
  • 12” jute
  • Cricut® Maker™ with Rotary blade (optional)

Step One – Make the Bee

1. Cut two, ½” wide strips of black felt.  Fold one end over about ¼” then roll the strip around about 4 times to form a cone shape. Trim the end and glue to secure.

2. With edges even, coil the second strip of black felt until it is large enough to tuck sideways into the bottom of the cone. Glue the end then glue the coiled felt inside the bottom of the cone.
NOTE: Steps are created with yellow felt in order to show the process. 


3. Cut a 5/8” wide strip of yellow felt then wrap once over the center.  Trim the length then glue the ends in place.

NOTE: The felt colors in the step out photos above are inverted to show the process.

4. Cut a ¼” wide strip of black felt then wrap around the center on top of the yellow to finish.

Step Two – Make the Flower

1. Cut seven, 11” x ½” strips of white felt.  Cut 2” from one end of each piece and set aside. Fold the end of the remaining 9” strip over about ½” then coil the strip around to form an oval “petal”.  Glue the end.  Make 7 “petals”.

2. To make the center of the flower, tightly roll a ½” x 11” strip of lemon frost. Glue the end in place then wrap twice with of a ½” strip of yellow. Trim then glue the end. Gently push the center outward a little to create a more rounded look.


3.  Arrange, then glue the “petals” around the center. Fold the 2” pieces of felt in half. Glue the ends together then glue one loop between each of the petals.

4. Cut 6, 1” slivers of black felt for the bees legs. Position on the flower then glue the bee on top.  Glue the top of the stem to the back of the flower.


Step Three – Assemble

Cut the top off the empty bottle about 4” from the bottom. Wrap with a 4” wide strip of yellow felt. Trim to fit then glue a 2” wide strip of black across the center.  Remove the letters from the sheet to write SAVE A BEE and PLANT (or GROW) FLOWERS.  Glue in place then wrap around the bottle. Overlap the ends at the back then glue.  Wrap jute around the center as shown.  Place the top of the bottle upside-down in the “pot”.  This will help to keep the flower stem upright.  Add the flower stem then fill with paper shreds.

*For best results, use a Cricut® Maker, if you have one, to cut even strips of felt. If not, you can use a craft knife against a metal edge ruler, or simply cut with scissors. Enjoy!

Yours truly,


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Paper Bunny Vase

Here's a quick'n EZ project for kids to make for Easter.  
Supplies are readily available - I'm sure you'll have everything you need at home.

You'll need:
  • Sheet of letter sized paper - 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Black and pink crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Empty plastic bottle and cap

1. Fold the paper in half lengthways then cut along the fold.

2. Fold one of the pieces in half then cut in two along the fold.

3. Make the head: Fold one of the small pieces in half and draw the pattern on one side as shown.  The pattern is a wide circle with a little dip at the top. Cut out then unfold.

4. Make the ears: Fold the second small piece in half then cut along the fold. Place one piece on top of the other with edges aligned, then fold in half.  Draw part of a circle from the top of one folded edge to the other then cut out.

5. Color the center of the ears pink. Draw a pink nose on the head above the dip.  Add 2 black eyes and some whiskers.  Draw teeth at the top of the large (body) piece at the center.

6. Put a piece of tape at the back of the body above the teeth then stick the head on top at the front.

7.  Flip the head and body piece over and tape one ear to the back of the head. Tape the second ear on top of the first.

8.  Place the empty bottle on top of the bunny, then pull the edges of the "body" around the bottle. Overlap the edges then stick together with tape.  Don't make the wrap too tight, you will want to be able to remove the bottle.

Fill the bottle with water and add a flower from your yard, or fill with small pieces of candy - jelly beans would be nice and colorful. Don't forget to put the bottle cap on if you do this.

Before wrapping, you could write "Some Bunny Loves You" on the front.   
What a fun gift this would be to leave on your neighbor's or friend's doorstep during Easter week!

If you would like a pattern, you can download one here - it's free..........  Enjoy!

Yours truly,