Thursday, May 18, 2017

Découpage Napkin Frame

Découpage is, in my humble opinion, one of the easiest ways to decorate and update pretty much any surface and Mod Podge® is the perfect product for doing just that! 

Today's project is to celebrate Mod Podge's 50th birthday.  I needed something special and, as usual, I looked for items I had on hand.  As a member of the Designer Crafts Connection and Plaid Ambassador, I received lots of product to work with over the past year and select Mod Podge product specifically for the DCC Mod Podge Birthday celebration hop.  My only challenge was deciding what to make.

It's no secret that I like things that are Quick'n EZPZ.  Seriously...  our lives are so hectic these days with all those TV channels and internet videos to watch, plus keeping up with texting and Instagraming to see what's happening in "real" life, there's barely enough time to eat......  (insert emoji for sarcasm here)....    I had lots of ideas, but decided to revisit the '70's and découpage with napkins.  Yes, napkins!  Lots of designs, patterns colors and inexpensive to work with....  All I had to do now was pull what I needed from my Plaid goodie box, plus a few other things I always have on hand.


Here's the list:   

Mod Podge® Gloss
Mod Podge® Ultra Matte Chalk
Mod Podge® Dimensional Magic
Mod Podge® Brushes for Découpage and Furniture
Ceramcoat® Chalk Paint - White
Waverly® Wood Frame
Clear adhesive dots

1.  Paint the frame with white chalk paint.  Let dry then re-paint with a coat of the Ultra Matte Chalk.

2.  Separate the layers of the napkin then cut strips for the border areas. Note: You only use the printed layer of a napkin for découpage unless it's a solid color.


3.  Brush a coat of gloss over the area to be découpaged then gently place the strips on top.  Smooth gently with the brush and more gloss.  Trim the strips where they meet at each corner. Napkins are pretty delicate to work with so be gentle.  Don't worry about wrinkles, some can be smoothed out, but those that can't will add a nice texture to your project.

 4.  I started to découpage the narrow border at the outer edge, but decided a solid strip of color might look better, so I found some 3/8" green ribbon and glued it in place with the gloss then, who could resist this border of adhesive acrylic bling, perfectly sized to go on top......  

5.  I could have stopped there, but instead of putting a photo in the frame, I thought I'd print a short saying and add a flower in the corner.  This step is optional, of course......

6.  Coat a piece of poster board, large enough for the napkin with gloss.  Separate the top layer from the napkin then adhere to the poster board.   Pat gently in place with the brush, coat with gloss then let dry.

7.  To make the flower, cut out the center with 2 adjacent petals.  Cut 2 additional, individual petals then use a glue spot to adhere them to the back as shown.  I also cut out some leaves.  

8.  I love additional texture and dimension so I painted a bottle cap with the white chalk paint then glued a flower center to the inside of the cap.  Following directions on the package, carefully fill with dimensional magic then let dry for at least 12 hours.  The dimensional magic will dry clear and the "flower center" can be adhered on top of the flower you made.  This part is optional of course......  When dry, I added another little jewel to the center.


9.  I printed the saying on my computer,  positioned it behind the frame opening then added the flower to finish.  The image below is here on my blog under the "Images for Personal Use" tab if you would like to use it.

You can find a list of other DCC members participating in this month's blog party on the Designer Crafts Connection blog.  You can also enter there to win a prize and there are links to some other exciting happenings for Glossie's 50th birthday!   Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.....

Yours truly,
Julie :)


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Can Do-over....

We don't eat a lot of canned food these days, but whenever we do, I save the cans and give them a "do over"!  Here's a couple of fun and easy ways to use them for both indoor and outdoor floral decorations.


It all starts with a can, an empty bottle of water, a brown paper grocery sack, jute and assorted rolls of  wide ribbon. You'll also need scissors, a tape runner and, of course, some flowers, artificial or fresh..


1.  Remove the paper from the cans and rinse thoroughly.  Save the tabs from the top of the cans.  If you want a tight bunch of flowers in your vase, place an empty water bottle in the can and place the flower stems in the neck to hold them together. You can use mini water bottles as is, but you'll need to cut the larger bottles in half, so the top of the bottle is about 1/2" lower than the top of the can.  Flowers can also be held in place by placing shreds inside the can.


2.   Cut a piece of brown paper to fit around the can.  Overlap the ends and secure with adhesive.  Option:  Glue a border of corrugated brown paper around the top and the bottom of the can. The ribbon will cover the center.  


TIP: If you have to use a can opener to open the can, insert a mason jar ring in the top for a cleaner, more finished look around the rim.  You can also use the ring to trap the tab against the side of the can for a hanger.

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the can, plus 1/2".  Secure the overlapped end with adhesive.  Wrap jute around the center and tie at the front in a bow, or overhand knot, depending on the look you want. 



There are so many types of ribbon to choose from you can upcycle empty cans to use for any occasion, season,  holiday, or to simply to fill an empty spot that needs a little home dec.  Use the tab to hang from a tree in your yard, or on the porch.....  Just think of all the things you "can" do....   Enjoy!  

Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)