Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summer Party Lights with Rinea® Paper Foil

Nothing says "party" like bright, shiny, decorative, paper foil lanterns and color changing LED lights!


These lanterns are quick'n EZ to make using double sided Rinea® Paper Foil available online @


You will also need: 
Empty disposable bottles of water - small (one per lantern) 
18 gauge wire stem
Crystal stickers (to embellish)
Color changing LED tea lights
+ a few tools:
Paper trimmer
Wire cutters
1/4" Hole Punch
Adhesive runner
Scissors or Craft knife

1. Measure around the bottle at the widest point below the top.  Bottles vary depending on the manufacturer, but mine was 8".  Cut the top from the bottle about 4" from the bottom.  Do not discard the top.

2.  Cut a rectangle of foil paper 1/2" longer than the diameter of the bottle and 1 1/2"- 2" wider than the height of the bottom piece of the bottle after it has been cut.  My bottle was 4.5" tall and 8 " diameter, so the piece I cut was 8 1/2" x 6".

3. Using the rounded tip of a ball point pen, or an embossing stylus, score a line along the length of the piece of foil half an inch from the top and bottom edges.  Emboss a second line one inch from the top and bottom edges.  It will be one half inch from the first line. Fig. 1.  Cut strips, half inch apart between the embossed lines from end to end across the foil. Fig. 2.  I use the channel in my paper trimmer to score.  I also like the little arrows on each side of the cutting blade to indicate where to start and stop each cut between the embossed lines.

  Fig. 1    Fig. 2


3.  Fold the top edge down along the scored line. Fold back then repeat along the bottom edge.  Apply adhesive along the top and bottom edges, Fig.1,  then fold the edges down to secure. Apply adhesive along the side, from top to bottom. Fig.2  Roll the piece around the bottle overlapping the opposite end on top of the adhesive. Fig.3

Fig.1    Fig.2 


4.  Punch a hole at the top edge of the lantern where the ends overlap and a second hole at the opposite side. This will be for the ends of the wire hanger. Align the top edge of the lantern with the cut edge of the bottle then punch holes in the bottle through the hole in the lantern.  The lantern should sit snugly around the top of the bottle, but if not, add a little adhesive to hold it in place. If you would like to add crystal stickers, decorative Washi tape, ribbon, or other embellishments around the top and bottom edges of your lantern, it can easily be done at this point.  You can also add your choice of embellishments while the lantern is still flat, but remember to mark where the holes will be punched along the top edge and to leave 1/2" at the end where the ends will overlap.

5. Cut a 9" piece of wire for the hanger.  Curve it at the center around a small glass, or similar then turn the ends outwards.  Place the ends thru the holes from the inside of the bottle outwards on each side of the bottle then either bend upward to secure, or curl around needle nose pliers, a pencil, or similar.


6. The lantern will be longer than the bottle, so push gently upwards from the bottom to create the lantern effect.  Your lanterns will sparkle in the sunlight,

but as the sun sets, place an LED tea light in the bottom of the bottle.  I found these color changing lights at Michaels, but simple LED lights are just as effective.  



NOTE: Let the lantern rest on a flat surface level with the bottom of the bottle as shown above on the right, or gently push the bottom of the lantern up a little further for a more rounded effect.

                     The pink lantern was created in the same manner, but instead of placing the bottom of the bottle inside the rolled paper, the top of the bottle was placed facing downwards in the top with edges aligned. Keep in place with adhesive if necessary.  The top of the bottle was also embellished with sticker crystals.


With the top of the bottle facing upwards, this lantern can be placed on top of an LED light on a solid surface. e.g. table, or candlestick.

It can also be used with a hanger.  Simply place the LED light upside down into the neck of the bottle with the flame facing downwards.


 With so many bright shiny lanterns, you are going to rock your summer parties! Enjoy!

Y'all come back now.............

Yours truly,
Julie :)

Paper foil provided free of charge by Rinea® for members of the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop. Check the DCC blog for more ideas and inspiration!