Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath

Valentine's Day - the most romantic day of the year!
        Christmas decorations are packed away and the house is looking so sad and dreary - definitely time to give it some love with a splash of Valentine's Day color!

        I received a wonderful selection of pink ribbons from Gwen Studios for a delightful romantic look, but I'm a traditionalist at heart and couldn't resist pulling out leftover red and white ribbon I'd received for my Christmas crafting.....  the perfect pop of color my home needed for chilly winter days.....

        A wreath is always a good project to start with......

You'll need:
  • Gwen Studios double faced satin 7/8"ribbon - Red & White
  • Gwen Studios double faced satin 3/8" ribbon - Red
  • Gwen Studios gros grain 3/8" ribbon - White
  • Wire wreath form  8" 
  • Large dimensional/3D glue dots
  • Glue gun - lo temp glue sticks
  • Scissors, needle and thread
  • Mini clothespins, or quilt pins are helpful to hold ribbon in place before gluing, or stitching
  • Zip tie
  • Heart ornaments
Gwen Studios grosgrain and/or single faced satin ribbon is okay to use for this project too. 

1.  Make a four-loop bow. Secure the loops at the center with a staple. Place at the center of a 12" length of 7/8" ribbon, then secure with a zip tie. Set aside.


2. Attach about 6" of 3/8"ribbon to the top of each ornament.  Secure the end with a knot then trim away excess ribbon. 

3. Wrap the wire wreath with 7/8" white ribbon to cover, then wrap with 3/8" red ribbon.

4. Attach the ornaments and bow to the top with lo-temp glue. Trim away excess ribbon ends.

5. Make a ribbon rose to add to the center of the bow as follows:  
        Tie a knot at the end of a 6' piece of 3/8" white ribbon. Pull the knot as tightly as possible then push firmly into the center of the 3D glue dot.  Fold the ribbon down with the edge next to the knot and push into the glue dot. Continue folding the ribbon and pushing the edge into the glue dot all the way around the knot. Cut the end and fold under the glue dot to secure. 



6. To give the center of the bow a little more pizzaz, I added a rosette ruffle around the outside of the ribbon rose as follows:
        Fold about 6" of the 7/8" ribbon in half then using a needle and thread, gather the edges with a simple running stitch along the edge. Gather until it is long enough to go around the outside edge of the rose. Glue to the center of the bow. 


        I just love how creative we can be with ribbon and this wreath is perfect to brighten up any corner of my home. It was a little small for my front door however, so I made a second one and placed it on top of a Smoothfoam® wreath I had made a few years ago by nesting 2 rings together then wrapping with burlap strips.  Of course I wrapped it with red and white ribbon and it looks wonderful either on my front door or on the mirror in my entryway!

            You can find more ribbon project ideas using Gwen Studios ribbon here on the Designer Crafts Connection blog.

            Gwen Studios ribbon is available at your local Walmart and online at Walmart.com   The wire wreath form and heart ornaments were purchased at my local Dollar Tree.

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Enjoy..........

Yours truly,

Julie 💝