Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bible Journaling with SRM Faith Stamps

Designer Crafts Connection members are hopping with SRM this week.  Each of us received complimentary product to see what we would create.  Some designers received product to use in Planners and I received a stamp for bible journaling.

It's pretty obvious that I didn't use the stamp for bible journaling.....  I guess  I'm just old fashioned that way.  I make notes in my bible, but I can't bring myself to decorate the already beautiful verses.  I love the faith based stamps though and decided to use them for a decorative accent in my guest, half bath where they can speak to anyone who stops by.  If you'd like to give it a try, here's what I used  and what I did.
You will need:

SRM Faith clear stamp
5"x7" Frame
StazOn® White Opaque Ink
Clear acrylic block
Rinea® paper foil - Gold


1. Remove the glass from the frame then wash with hot water and a little dish soap.  Rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

2. This step is optional.  You can use the glass as is, of course, but I love to create outside the box and thought it would be cool to give the glass a mottled effect as shown below:


3.  For this step you will need a small jar of etchall® etching créme. Don't let the idea of glass etching prevent you from trying this - it is SO easy.  Barbee at etchall sent me product to work with over 20 years ago and I've been etching ever since.  Place the glass on a work surface then put a plastic spoonful of the créme onto a disposable plate. Using a sea sponge (because it's nice an airy), dab the créme onto the surface of the glass.  Leave for 15 minutes.

NOTE:  etchall créme is reusable, so normally you would scrape the créme back into the container after 15 minutes, but this method uses so little just wash it off under running water over a NON-porcelain sink, or rinse off in bucket.  This is an etching product and will remove the glaze from porcelain, china, granite, etc. even slate.   When you first receive an unopened bottle of cream, it will be white, but after a while, and many uses, it will turn brown as you can see in my photo. The color does not affect how it works.

4.  Wash and dry the etched glass so we can start stamping.   Remove the carrier sheet with the line art and place it on a work mat facing upwards as shown.


5.  With the wording centered, place the glass with the etched side face down on top of the carrier sheet. 

6.  If you have a large acrylic block, it is possible to stamp all the words at once, but the ink dries very quickly, so I chose to do this part one phrase/word at a time using the carrier sheet under the glass as a guide for placement.  


7.  I purchased white ink for this project because I knew that it works on glass, but - remember I said I like to think outside the box?  If you know me at all, or have watched me on TV, you'll know that I love to try different things - it's all part of being creative.....  so let me share this.  I painted the frame around a bathroom mirror yesterday with white chalk paint.  I'm sure you've heard that chalk paint sticks to everything so can you guess where I'm going with this?  Yep I did some experimenting and chalk paint worked great for stamping!  I dipped a sponge brush into the paint, then dabbed it on some wax paper to spread the paint evenly on the brush, then dabbed paint onto the stamp.  I haven't got to the part of cleaning the stamp yet, but chalk paint cleans up with water so, as long as you don't leave it on too long, I would think it will be okay.   BTW, if you mess up with the stamping,  StazOn can be removed from the glass with rubbing alcohol. Not sure if it should be used to clean the stamps, but really don't see why not. Okay, I've digressed enough, let's move on to the next step.

8.  After you've finished stamping, place the glass in the frame.  Cut a piece of gold paper foil to size (I used gold, but there are other colors to choose from) then place behind the glass. Add the frame back, secure and you're done.

Now it's time to head over to the DCC blog to see what the other designers have done.  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now..... 

Yours truly,
Julie :)


Monday, June 5, 2017

Picnic Party Mason Jars

Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are all good times for family BBQs and picnics. Celebrate your patriotism in style with etched mason jars for perfect party table decorations!

You will need: etchall® dip’n etcH • etchall® etchmask • etchall® Pik Tool • etchall® Squeegee 

Mason Jars, Quart (with smooth sides)
Star Punch, Small
Baker’s twine
Empty soda bottle
Craft Knife

1.  Cut the top off the soda bottle and set aside to use as a funnel. Rinse the bottle thoroughly.
2.  Wash the outside of each mason jar with hot, soapy water. Rinse with vinegar to remove any remaining residue.
3.  To create the star border, use a lever punch to punch stars at equal intervals along the bottom edge of a sheet of etchmask. Punch upside down so you can see the guidelines on the back of the etchmask. NOTE: Do not discard the punched stars. You can use these on another jar.

4. Use a paper trimmer, or craft knife and ruler, to cut the strip from the sheet, making sure that the star opening is centered between the top and bottom edges. Cut 3 strips plus additional strips as needed to go all the way around the jar.
5. To determine how much dip’n etch you will need, fill the mason jar with glass pebbles, or heavy items (so it won’t float) then place the jar inside the soda bottle. Fill the soda bottle with water up to the rim of the mason jar.


6. Remove the mason jar and the water level will sink. Place a piece of masking tape on the outside of the soda bottle then mark the water level. Empty the water then dry the inside of the soda bottle and the outside of the mason jar thoroughly. 


7. Remove the backing from the strips of etchmask then, starting about 1½” from the bottom of the jar, place around the outside of the mason jar. If the strips are too short, add additional strips as needed. Place a rolled piece of lined paper inside the jar as a positioning guide, or tape a ¾” wide strip of paper around the jar above each strip as a spacer.  Make sure the etchmask strips are pressed firmly onto the glass, especially around the star openings otherwise the dip will leak underneath.

8. Fill the soda bottle with dip’n etch up to the water level mark then gently place the mason jar into the liquid. The dip’n etch will rise to the rim of the jar.

9. Let stand for 15 minutes then carefully remove the jar. Rinse the mason jar thoroughly under warm, running water, or in a plastic bucket then remove the strips of etchmask.  
DO NOT rinse over a porcelain sink!   
This is etching liquid and it will permanently remove the glaze from porcelain! Please read all cautions and directions on the dip’n etch container.

10. Dry the outside of the jar and remove the glass pebbles to reveal the etched design.

11. If you would like to etch additional designs, adhere the stars to a second jar and ½” wide strips of etchmask to a third for a perfect patriotic trio. Simply place each one in the same dip’n etch (one at a time) and follow the directions above. etchall dip’n etch is reusable, so there is no need to replace it after each use.

12. When you have finished etching all your jars, use the top of the soda bottle as a funnel to return the dip’n etch to its original container to be used for more projects!

Etching is a quick and easy way to upcycle and personalize a wide variety of glass pieces! Try it once and you’ll be itching to etch some more in no time at all….  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


etchall products were provided by B&B Products