Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trim it Up with Expo International

I've got tassels and buttons and trims, oh my!
"Houston we have a problem" - what to make first!

T-shirts and aprons pillows and hats,
Baskets and bags, purses and mats.
Just add some trim, it's easy to do
And soon your old stuff will be looking like new!

This is just a small selection from Expo International and already I'm in creative overload. T-shirts, aprons, hats, pillows - pretty much anything can go from boring to beautiful with the addition of one or two, well-chosen trims.  Here are a few ideas to start with....

You will also need:
Needle and thread
Lo-temp glue gun
Fabric glue
Double sided photo mounting tape
Glue spots

Up-cyled Headband:

An old headband had seen better days, but it fit nicely (on my head too), so instead of throwing it away I decided to cover it with lace and trim.  I chose stretch lace, simply because the headband was about 1" wide at the top, but tapered to 1/2" at each end.

1.  Cut the lace to size.

2.  Attach one end of the lace to the end of the headband with a glue spot, then pull over the top and attach to the opposite side. Secure the end.  Because the lace stretches the edges will curl inward.

3.  Adhere the photo mounting tape to the underside of the headband. Remove the cover from the tape then glue the edges of the lace to the tape.

4.  Trim the lace at each end as needed.

5.  Adhere rhinestone trim on top of the lace for some evening sparkle!  

Pillow Pizzaz
Pillows don't have to be plain and boring! 

 Glue, or sew woven braid along the pattern lines for an updated look.  
Note: Dip ends of trim in glue to prevent fraying.

Add a second trim for even more pillow pizzaz and a tassel at each corner!

Summer Bag

Nobody likes a boring bag.  Jazz it up with the same trims used on the pillow, plus 3/8" pom pom trim.

1.  Cut 4 pieces of woven braid trim and 2 pieces of pom pom trim the width of the bag,  Dip ends of trim in fabric glue to prevent fraying.  Sew or glue trim in place as shown.  

2.  Glue the flower, or other complimentary trim on top of the woven braid.

Swag Bag

Glue woven braid trim around the edge of the iron-on vinyl flag for a more finished look.
Note: Dip ends of trim in fabric glue to prevent fraying.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Check out the other blogs listed below then head back to the Designer Crafts Connection blog to enter to win your own treasure chest of trims!

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Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.......

Yours truly,


Monday, May 14, 2018

Fascinator for a Fairy Tale Wedding!

Are you excited about the upcoming royal wedding?  I know I am.  Royal weddings are always special.  I love the pageantry of these royal occasions and seeing traditional British customs accompanied by so much pomp and ceremony.  Like everyone else, I'm dying to see what the future Princess and all their guests will be wearing! Watch parties are planned all over the world to celebrate the royal couple, DVRs and alarm clocks are set and now is the time to plan on what to wear to this most auspicious occasion (even if we only get to visit via the telly).

Everyone has a favorite dress, but the most important part of your outfit will be the hat.  Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth would never be seen outside her castle walls without a hat perched upon her royal coiffed noggin, and no self respecting lady, or gentleman would dream of entering a church without a hat. Enter the "Fascinator".  An odd name to be sure, but one that conjures up images of grandeur, frivolity and all round creative fun.  It is definitely one of the "bear" necessities for this and all special occasions and great fun to make!  Teddy is ready!


You will need:  
Kunin® Premium Felt 9" x 12" - White
Kunin® Premium Felt 9" x 12" - Black
Kunin® Black Dot on White Coordinates Felt  9" x 12" 

Cricut® Maker cutting machine and Rotary Blade

Wired Ribbon - Black
Variety of Black trims and White Tulle (Expo International)

Craft Feathers - White
3" Barrette
Needle and thread
Glue gun and lo-temp glue


    1.  Cut the following shapes from felt:

          One 3" circle and one 5" x 7" oval - white
          One 4" circle and one 5" x 1.25" strip of petals - black
          One 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" oval - black dot on white


You can cut these with the Maker in Cricut Design Space using the "shapes" and "size" features, or create your own paper patterns. The shapes don't have to be perfect for this project.


    2.  Create the base:  Fold the white oval in half lengthwise then, starting from the edge, cut a 2 1/2" slit along the fold. Overlap each side then glue in place. Repeat with the dot oval then glue this oval on top of the white. The premium felt oval is slightly smaller and gives the base of the fascinator more stability.

3. Create the flower:

        a. Fold the white circle in half, in half again (quarters) then cut a small piece from the point to create a hole in the center about 1/2" wide.  Using the needle and thread, create small running (up & down) stitches around the center opening.  Pull tightly to gather the over sew the end of the thread to secure. (I used black thread on white to make the stitches visible for step outs.)


        b. Place running stitches  along the bottom of the petals as shown, then gather tightly. Over sew the end to secure the thread then pull the ends together to create a circle of petals.  Stitch, or glue the ends together. For added glamour, I cut apart the black trim with rhinestones then glued each piece to a petal.


        c. Glue the petals to the center of the white circle then both to the center of the black circle.

        d. With the ribbon still on the spool, pull the end of the wire gently from one edge to gather the ribbon. Push the ribbon along the wire until there is enough to make a circle the same diameter as the flower.  Cut the ribbon from the spool ten gently pull the wire from the other end of the same edge. Sandwich the gathered ribbon between the white and black felt circles.  Pull the ends together, twist the wires to secure then cut away the excess wire.


4. Create a Tulle bow

        a.  Fold the tulle back and forth about every 12" until there are 3 loops at each side.


        b. Pinch the tulle loops together at the center then wrap tightly with a twist tie (shown), thread or a piece of the wire from the ribbon.


5.  Assemble:

        a. Glue the flower to one side of the base toward the back.  Only glue the center of the flower to the base, making sure there's enough glue to make it secure.  Pull the loops on each side of the tulle bow together then glue the center of the tulle to the base underneath the flower.  Fluff the loops apart.


        b. There was a single rhinestone between each diamond shape on the rhinestone trim. for added sparkle, I glued these on top of a few of the dos at the front of the base.


        c. A fascinator isn't truly finished until you add some feathers.  Squeeze a good amount of glue into the center of the flower then insert the ends of 3 or more feathers and voilà, c'est fini.....  As my grand daughter would say, "how adorbs is that"!


NOTE: You can use old-fashioned hat pins to hold your fascinator in place, attach to a sturdy headband, or you can glue a barrette to the underside.  Cut a half circle of felt about 4" x 2" (or strip).  Trim as needed, then thread through the upper part of the barrette. Glue the felt under the base.  


You will need to determine where/how you will want to wear your fascinator before securing the barrette to make sure it will be placed correctly to work with the way you style your hair. 

You can find free patterns to create different flowers in Cricut Design Space, or simply search Pinterest for additional ideas.  Whatever the occasion, you can make your fascinator look amazing with felt accents and trims.  Enjoy the wedding!  Y'all come back now........

Yours truly,