Monday, August 28, 2023

Upcycle with etchall®!

Don't throw empty perfume and/or cologne bottles away when you can pretty them up with etchall® dip'n etch!  Dip'n etch is a liquid that makes etching glass so EASY.....

You'll Need:
  • etchall® dip'n etch
  • Clear plastic container a little larger than the item you want to etch 
  • Permanent black marker

1. Cut off the top of an empty plastic bottle and set it aside to use as a funnel. 

2. To determine how much dip'n etch liquid you'll need, place your item inside the plastic container. Fill with water up to the area you do not want etched. (I used my new bottle of cologne to photograph this step, since the old one was empty and would float. If you are etching something that would float/bob up, put something heavy on top, or fill with rice for example so it is weighted down.)
I colored the water with food coloring to make the water levels easier for you to see.

3. Remove the item and the water level will sink. Mark the level on the outside of your container with a marker, or tape.

4. Empty the container then dry the inside thoroughly.

5. Fill the container with dip'n etch up to the mark then carefully add the item you want to etch.  Let sit for at least 15 minutes then remove your item. Rinse thoroughly then dry.

6. Etchall etching products are reusable, so using the top of the plastic bottle as a funnel, pour the dip'n etch back into its original container.  How easy is that!!!

7. Decorate if desired. I used a simple piece of ribbon and sand dollar charm for mine.

         I love etched glass... it reminds me of sea glass and I love anything that has to do with the beach and ocean. 

PLEASE REMEMBER- Etching products remove glaze, so....
Do not rinse your etched items over a porcelain sink
Always work on a safe, non glazed surface, or use a mat  
Do not store etching product in cold, or hot areas
Always read directions on container!

        Look for more etched projects - including slate! - using the "search" tab here on my blog. There's also lots of inspiration, tutorials, videos and more on the etchall website.


Yours truly,
Julie 💔


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