Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Subway Tile for Home Dec

Not just for a kitchen or bathroom, single subway tiles can be used to create unique Home Dec items for your own home, or to give as a gift...

You will need the following supplies:
  • etchall® etching crème
  • etchall® etchmask and transfer sheets
  • etchall® pik tool and squeegee
  • 3" x 6" white subway tile
  • Rub'n Buff
  • 5" x 7" Frame
  • 6" x 8" scrap of burlap
  • White glue

1.  Cut the word "Believe" in a script font from etchmask using an electronic die cutting machine.  Size to fit inside a 3" x 6" rectangle. Tip: I placed "Believe" inside a 3" x 6" cutting line, so the finished stencil would fit the tile with the word centered.  Option: Multi-purpose stencils can be applied to the tile with etchall Reposition/Reuse Stencil Spray.

2.  Weed the design and outline from the etchmask while still on the mat.  Cover with a 3" x 6" piece of transfer paper then lift the stencil from the mat.

3.  Remove the waxy backing from the stencil then with the edges of the stencil aligned with the edge of the tile, adhere the stencil.  Use the squeegee to flatten securely then remove the transfer paper.

4.  Cover the design with creme.  Leave for 15 minutes then scrape the crème back into the container.  Rinse away any remaining residue.  DO NOT rinse over a porcelain sink. Etching creme will remove many types of glaze it comes into contact with.  If you haven't used etching creme before, please read all the directions on the container and previous posts on this blog.  You can also find video tutorials at

5.  Remove the stencil then buff the tile dry with a soft cloth.  Look carefully and you can see how the glaze has been removed, but the design can be enhanced with Rub'n Buff.

6.  Squeeze a small amount of Rub'n Buff onto a soft cloth then rub onto the etched design.  The color will adhere to the etched areas, but will rub off the unetched surface of the tile.  Work quickly to remove the excess from around the letters.  Use two or three coats as needed to deepen the color.

7.  Decorate with the tile as is, or place in a frame.

8.   Remove the glass and backing from the frame.   Cover the backing with a piece of burlap then push back into the frame.  The glass is no longer needed.  Glue the tile to the front of the frame.


Subway tiles are inexpensive and readily available at local home improvement stores.  They are so easy to personalize, especially if you have the ability to cut your own stencils with an electronic shape cutting machine.  They are easy to make,  economical and perfect for a housewarming gift for friends and family......  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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  1. I really like the subway tile. I have never heard of them. A fast last minute gift!!! Can always count on you!