Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Make it Merry and Bright!

You may remember that I received a selection of Rinea®, double-sided foil paper a little over a year ago.  I used to craft with this exact, same product when I lived in Germany almost 50 yeas ago and loved it!  I used it for all kinds of decorations throughout the year and this year I thought I'd share some original German designs.  

This snowflake star is SO easy to make.  All you need is:
  • Rinea® Double-sided Foil Paper - red/gold, green/gold & silver/gold
  • Extra strength stick glue
  • Paper trimmer, or a craft knife and ruler
  • Small Flower punch
  • 1/4" Adhesive acrylic jewel

1.  Cut eight, 1/2" wide strips from the 6" end of the green/gold glossy foil and two, 1" x 1" squares.

2.  Fold each square in half. Unfold then fold in half again in the opposite direction, or use an embossing tool to divide the square into 4.  Do not cut.  The lines are for placement.

3.  Fold each of the green strips in half, then unfold.  Using the fold lines as a guide, align the center of the strip with the center of the square. The edge of the strip should be even with the edge of the square. Glue two strips across the gold square.

4.  Flip over, then with gold facing up, glue two additional strips across the back of the square at right angles to the first two as shown.

5.  One side will be gold and the other side green.

6.  Take the ends of 2 adjacent strips and pull them toward each other.  Overlap so the corner edges are even, then glue together. 

7.  Repeat on all four corners and it will look like this.

8.  Create a second piece, then glue one on top of the other to make the basic shape. 


The corner points can be facing up or down.  This is the same star, but each one looks a little different depending on which side is facing up.

9.  Now you know how to make the basic star/snowflake shape, let's make a smaller star with the red/gold foil.  This star is made in exactly the same way, except you will use 1/4' x 4" strips.  Create two, then glue together at the center. 

10.  With the gold center facing up, glue this smaller star to the center of the larger star.


There are two different looks, depending on which side of the large star the small one is glued to and whether the gold center with red points faces up, as shown, or down. 

11.  For a little extra bling I glued a small, silver punched flower at the center.

12.  For a little extra pizzaz, I created another star shape with the silver/gold glossy foil, using 6 x 1/2" strips, then glued it to the back using dimensional foam stickers.


 13.  Paper foil is very easy to work with and the "points" can be moved up or down as needed, or even flattened . Of course I had to add an acrylic jewel to the center to finish.  I think it will look fabulous on a Christmas gift with, or without a bow!


This is a fun, and easy project for all ages!  Enjoy!   Y'all come back now for more ideas with "Bastelfolie"......    and, in case you missed them, the projects I created last year are here:

Yours truly,
Julie  :)


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