Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oly*Fun Metallics Blog Hop

A few days ago I received samples of Oly*Fun Metallics from Fairfield World. It's available in 4 colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Red. I love that it's bright and shiny and, what's most important to me, I didn't have to drag the sewing machine out...    a stitch in time saves nine, but I hot glue mine (whenever possible)!  This is a very versatile fabric and can be used both indoors and out.

I received 3 of the 4 colors.  The gray shown in the photo, is the back of the silver. The back of gold and rose gold is white. I'd just purchased a new bed set for the master bedroom, but decided it needed a small decorative pillow to glam it up a bit for Spring, or until my grand daughter sees it - she's going to want this pillow for her room!


It was so easy to make and I finished in about 30 minutes - I love quick'n EZPZ.. 

In addition to the Oly*Fun fabric, all you need for this project is a square pillow form (mine is 12" x 12" also from Fairfield World), scissors and some tape.

1. Fold the fabric to create a 30" x 30" square then cut.


2.  Place the pillow form on the back of the fabric at the center. 

 3. Fold the fabric up from the bottom then down from the top to overlap. Secure with a piece of tape.

4.  Fold the ends as if you were wrapping a gift. Make sure the corners are sharp and that the points meet when pulled over to the center of the pillow at the back.  Don't tape yet.


5.  Cut a second color of metallic, 30" x 9" (I used gold).  Wrap around the pillow, overlapping the ends at the back. Secure with tape.

6.  Pull the sides together over the top of the gold and secure with tape.

7.  Finger gather the band of gold at the front of the pillow. Carefully wrap with a twist tie, or a small piece of covered floral wire. Twist the ends together to secure, then trim.


8. Cut a small strip of rose gold, about 2" by 3".  Fold the strip length ways into thirds then use to wrap around the center. Overlap then secure the ends at the back with tape.

My mum always called small, decorative pillows "scatter cushions".  For decorative purposes only, they always make a big impact wherever they land!

For more fun projects with Oly*Fun metallics, check out the list of participating designers on the Designer Crafts Connection blog.  Share a comment here, then hop on over to enter to win a 10 yd bolt of your own - your choice of color!  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now...........

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. Can't get much easier than this, Julie! I love that you 'resist' the machine (like me) --- it scares the heck out of me. :)

    1. Funnily enough, I love to sew. I used to make all my own clothes, won a fashion competition when we lived in DC and even made my hubby a leisure suit and shirt... that tells you how long ago....LOL I just hate dragging the machine out and setting it up. It's still a simple Kenmore I bought in 1976, but straight stitch and xig zag is all I need - if I ever need it (wink)

  2. I love the technique your used to create the bow look. Great idea Julie.

    1. Thanks Laura. The technique works really well with felt too and especially soft fabrics...

  3. Love how easy and cute this project is!

  4. How elegant, and it complements the linens so perfectly.

  5. HI Julie - I love this! I never knew you could make such a pretty scatter pillow so easily. Great use of the OlyFun material as well. -Lynda

  6. What a fun way to use OlyFun.

  7. Great tutorial, beautiful pillow. Thanks Julie!

  8. Beautiful pillow, love that bow