Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Projects

It's almost Easter weekend and I'm scrambling to decorate the house for Saturday. That's when we have our family Easter Egg hunt for the grand kids and traditional dinner.  These are so quick'nEZ I'm not sharing detailed instructions, just photos with a few notes.

First up is our Easter tree.... These are artificial Forsythia branches placed in a old glass vase wrapped with grapevine.  The branches are decorated with Smoothfoam eggs, d├ęcoupaged with the top, printed layer of a variety of napkins.  Paint each egg first with a coat of slightly diluted white glue or Mod Podge. Separate the top layer from the napkin then gently pat pieces onto the surface of the egg.  Cover with another coat of glue.  Sprinkle with clear glitter while the glue is still wet if you like a sparkly look.  Secure a ribbon loop at the top with a quilt pin to hang.

This topiary was also made from a larger Smoothfoam egg.  I decorated the surface with small florets from a silk hydrangea. You can find detailed instructions for this project by following the link.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without tulips and "Peeps"....

To create this arrangement, I placed a small glass jar inside a larger glass vase then pushed 2 rows of peeps between the 2 glass pieces and added a layer of foil wrapped, chocolate eggs around the top. I added twigs from the back yard to the flowers and decorated the branches with tiny rabbits. If you use artificial flowers, you can use an empty tin can in the center instead of a glass jar, which is how I made this arrangement using a square vase.  I found the small glitter eggs at Target - 6 for a dollar! I snipped the ribbon hanger then pushed the base of the egg onto a white floral stem....

If you look closely at the "Tulip" vase photo, you can see this Happy Easter Garland in the background. Follow the link for instructions.


Peeps are really fun to use for decorations. Push them onto the top of a bamboo skewer then add them to vases of candy, or flower arrangements. I usually buy a bunch after Easter, when they're practically being given away and save them to decorate the following year.   
TIP: Let your peeps harden before pushing them onto the skewer... much easier than when they're soft and squishy.  

Here are two more ideas. Peeps on skewers in a vase filled with Easter grass and candy and a rectangle shaped glass with a Smoothfoam block inside, cut small enough to allow a layer of peeps around the outside.

Hope you enjoyed this Easter "Peep" show!  Have a fabulous weekend...... y'all come back now!

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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