Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Let's Celebrate Christmas!

I really LOVE Christmas - the decorations, the music, the food; even the somewhat corny Christmas movies.  The sad part is, we tend to get so wrapped up (pun intended) in Christmas shopping and all the excitement that surrounds us at every turn, it's easy to forget the reason for the season.  So, this simple project is a little reminder of why we celebrate....  Enjoy!

This is what you'll need:
etchall® etching crème
etchmask stencil and transfer paper
Craft Pik, or craft knife

5" x 7" Frame
Rinea™ Paper foil - blue
Double sided tape
Electronic shape cutting machine (I use a Cricut® Maker, or Cricut Explore)

1.   Drag the images from the "Images for Personal Use" page onto your desktop, then upload to your digital software.  NOTE:  There are two separate images.  One image will be etched on the front of the glass and the other on the back.  Each image should be about 4" x 6" to fit within the edge of the frame.


2.  Cut the designs from a sheet of etchmask.  While your stencil designs are cutting,  remove the glass from the frame then wash and dry thoroughly.

3.  Using the craft pik tool, weed* each design while still on the cutting mat.  *Weed means remove all the elements of the design to create the stencil for etching.

4.  Cover each stencil design with a piece of transfer paper then remove one stencil from the mat.  Remove the waxy backing paper from the etchmask to expose the adhesive, then center the stencil on the glass.

5.  Press firmly in place with the squeegee then carefully remove the transfer paper.  Check underneath the transfer paper as you lift to make sure all the etchmask is still in place on the glass.  Cover any areas of the glass not covered by the stencil with extra pieces of etchmask and/or transfer paper to prevent accidental etching on those areas.


6.  Cover the open areas of the stencil liberally with etching crème then leave for 15 mins.  You can find more comprehensive illustrations of this process in an earlier post here: https://juliemcguffee.blogspot.com/2016/12/winter-wonderland-etched-float-frame.html 

7.  After 15 minutes, use the squeegee to scrape the etching crème back into its container.  Remember! etchall crème and etchall dip are REUSABLE.  Rinse away any remaining residue then remove the stencil. Use a scraper if necessary.  Dry, then buff the glass with a soft cloth to reveal the etched design.  NOTE: Do not rinse in a porcelain sink!  The etching crème will etch the glazed surface. Use a plastic bucket, or other large plastic container instead.

8.  Etch the design on the other side of the glass in the same manner, positioning the stencil so the crib on the other side is centered between the two figures. The trunks of the palm trees can also be used as a guide.  I used a Cricut BrightPad™ (a large light box) to aid in placement.

9.  Cut a 5" x 7" piece of blue foil then adhere to the front of the frame backing.  Glue white tinsel to the inside edge of the frame for a "frosty" look if desired.  Place the etched glass in the frame then secure the frame back behind the glass to finish.

The frame also looks wonderful without the backing…  This frame has a square edge so it will stand on a table, or shelf without the backing.

Christmas decorating is just beginning, so y'all come back for more holiday projects!

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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