Monday, December 5, 2016

Etched Mirror Vase

When the flowers have wilted in your floral arrangement it's okay to throw them away, but not the container! My mother-in-law often receives flowers and always saves the containers for me.  Look what I did with this one!

This a square glass vase, mirrored on the inside - perfect for etching!  Here's what I used and how I did it:

  • etchall® etching crème                              
  • etchall® etchmask and transfer paper
  • Squeegee
  • Pik tool
1. Cut 4, 2"  snowflake designs from etchmask.  I used an electronic die cutting machine.

2.  Trim the etchmask to 1" wider than the snowflake design. Use the pik tool to carefully weed the design while it is still on the mat. Always pull from the center of an area to be removed, not the edge. It is easier to remove one section at a time.  Pull up one part of the snowflake then cut away with scissors.

3.  Once the designs have been exposed thru weeding, cover the etchmask with a strip of transfer paper.  Use the squeegee to press the transfer paper firmly in place. (Don't forget to peel the backing sheet from the transfer paper first.)


4.  Remove the stencil from the mat then cut apart.  Working with one piece at a time, gently peel the backing away from the back of the etchmask then press firmly onto one side of the glass vase.  Gently remove the transfer paper.

5.  Cover any exposed area around the etchmask with pieces of the transfer paper, or masking tape.

6.  Pour a liberal amount of etching creme onto the stencil.  Without touching the glass surface, spread the creme until there is a thick layer over the snowflake design.  Use the squeegee, or the back of a plastic spoon.  Let sit for 15 minutes then scrape the creme back into the bottle.  Don't forget etchall creme and dip are reusable!  Rinse away any residue then remove the stencil.  Buff dry with a soft cloth.  NOTE: Do not rinse over a porcelain sink!  etching products will also etch the sink - this is a permanent etch!  If you haven't used etching products before, please read the directions on the container. You can also find more information at


7.  Repeat this process to etch the design on each side of the vase.


I love the look of etched mirrored glass.  The mirror reflects the etched design, giving it a 3-D effect and also reflects any color that's around it.  Fill with potpourri, nuts, candy, fresh or silk flowers then give as a gift, or use to decorate your own home for the holidays!  


Enjoy!  Y'all come back now......

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Julie you are always a winner!!