Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Little B LLC Blog Hop

Just look at all this crafty goodness that arrived from Little B LLC...  I hardly know where to start. There are punches, dies, flower kits, washi tape in different widths, and lots of dimensional stickers. Each Designer Crafts Connection member received a different assortment - this assortment definitely said "baby"....

I had some Smoothfoam™ Fake Cake forms from a previous hop, so I decided to make a decorative cake for a baby shower.  I used the stickers, flower petals, washi tape and the border punch.

Step 1: I covered the sides of the cake form.  I used Washi tape with the tiny, gold foil hearts around the top and bottom edge, then added the 1/2" Washi tape with the pink baby feet design.

Step 2: To cover the open area between the washi tape, I punched a border from pink card stock as follows:
        Insert the paper into the punch with the edge of the paper aligned with the edge of the design on the punch lever.  Punch then slide the paper to the side until the punched paper is aligned with the pattern on the base.  Continue sliding the paper to one side and punching until you have a complete strip.  Cut enough strips to go around the cake form then adhere with glue dots.


Step 3.  Punch 3 additional strips of pink border paper.  Cut each strip in half lengthwise to create 6, narrow strips.  Using the pattern as a guide, accordion fold each strip, then run a length of cord through the bottom holes. Bunch the pleats together and tie tightly with the ends of the cord.



Fan the pleated strip into a circle, then glue the ends together with a small dab of tacky glue to create a rosette.  Make 6.  Adhere gold Washi tape on top of the punched strip around the cake form. Always overlap the ends of washi tape and add a little glue for extra security.  Push a quilt pin with a white, pearl head through the center of each rosette to attach to the sides of the cake form.  Add a baby shoe sticker to the area between the rosettes.


Step 4: Adhere the medium sized pink petals from the flower kit around the top of the cake form overlapping as shown.  Note, the petals already have an adhesive at the base of each petal. Cover the area at the center with a small, white doily.  Following instructions on the package, create a small flower from 4, white petal strips, then place (don't glue) on top of the doily.


 Step 6: Add stickers from the baby package as follows:

        a.  Adhere a craft pick to the back of the stork sticker for stability, then push the end of the pick through the center of the white flower and the doily into the center of the cake form. Cut 2, white, petal strips apart then adhere the individual petals around the doily. 

        b.  To make the banner, cut 2 bamboo skewers about 6" in length then wrap with narrow washi tape.  Push the skewers into the top of the cake form, one at each side of the doily then attach white cord across the top. Tie at each end then hold in place with the sock/clothespin sticker.  Hang the letter stickers on the cord and additional stickers at the base of each skewer to finish.

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Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)

                                    KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON CRAFTING! 


  1. love the cake very cute

  2. The paper punch I'm loving it!

  3. OOOOOOOOOOO! I love this baby shower cake idea! My niece is due in November and I was not able to attend her shower because I can't travel but I think I could make this and send it to her just in time for the little guy's arrival!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. What a darling cake. My daughter will be having a baby shower soon and I would love to use this idea for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. oh! I love this project, perfect centerpiece for a baby's party or baby shower/announcement. no diapers needed - this is just lovely

  6. This came out so cute
    and I love how you used
    the punches!
    Carla from Utah

  7. Fabulous project and think you are so talented and clever! Love the flamingo especially!!

  8. This is awesome! I LOVE the flowers, that was super creative! Your cake is super fab!

  9. how fun, great idea!!

  10. lovely cake and display