Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Lantern

It's almost Halloween so I've been working on a special treat and also have a few etching tricks to share.


This is a simple lantern I found on sale at Walmart. The four glass sides are removable, so I created a design for each side.  (Yes, that's a photo I took of the Blood Moon from our back yard in the background. I layered the photo of the lantern on top in Photoshop.)

I also used the following supplies:

etchall® reusable etching crème
etchall® etchmask and transfer paper
Pik Tool (for weeding)
Squeegee tool to spread creme and scrape back into container

I uploaded each design then cut the stencils with my Cricut Explore and etchall® etchmask

Cut the designs: I cut the two larger designs, Haunted House and Gnarled Tree from one sheet of etchmask and the Spider Web, Jack O'Lanterns, Crow and Ghosts from a second sheet.  

     TIP: Draw a black border around the design the same size as the surface you want to etch to help with placement.  For example. Each piece of glass measured 4" x 8", so I used this size for my image. I created the border around the edge of the image, then positioned the design inside the border. When the design is cut, the border will also be cut around it.

Transfer the Design:  Cut a 4' x8" piece of etchmask transfer paper, the same size as the design, remove the backing sheet then place the transfer paper on top of the design with edges aligned with the border. Press firmly in place with the squeegee.  Carefully remove the cut stencil; the backing sheet will remain on the cutting mat.  This is an easy technique to use for small designs.

Etching the Design. Place the stencil on the glass.  Press firmly in place with the squeegee.  Remove the transfer paper then use the pik tool to carefully remove the areas of the design to be etched.  Make sure all the edges of the glass are covered - use extra pieces of etchmask or the transfer paper.  Cover the areas to be etched with a liberal amount of etching crème.  Let sit for 15 minutes, then scrape the etching crème back into the container. Rinse thoroughly then remove the stencil and discard. Dry the glass with a soft cloth. 

For more detailed instructions and step outs for this process, refer to this earlier post here or check out the video on the etchall website.

Now here's the "trick" I promised to share.  I wanted the ghosts to appear as if they were flying out of the haunted house, so instead of making them part of the house design, I cut a separate stencil and etched the ghosts on the back of the glass.  As you can see, the bottom part of the ghost overlaps the top of the house since each design is etched on a different side of the glass.


To help with placement of the ghost designs, I removed the stencil from around the design with the transfer paper leaving the ghosts on the backing sheet.  The ghosts can be used on another project later.


With the etched side of the glass facing upward, position the piece of glass on top of the stencil. Turn the glass over, remove the transfer paper, cover the glass around the stencil, then etch the ghosts.

I etched a crow on the back of the glass etched with the gnarled tree in the same way. 

The spider web was etched at the top of the third piece of glass and the Jack O'Lanterns on the fourth. These pieces were then placed on opposite sides of the lantern.

I really love designing and etching the designs on to glass. It's a great way to upcycle so many glass pieces.  Etchall is my product of choice for many reasons, the first being that it's re-usable. It has no unpleasant odor and I like the creamy consistency which produces an even etch.  When using this product for the first time, read the directions on the container and check out the etchall website for more tips, techniques and lots of inspiration.  Happy etching...... Y'all come back....

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. This is a MOST excellent project and tutorial. Now you have raised the bar for all. I love it!

    1. Thanks Marilyn... it was fun to make and quite easy

  2. This is AWESOME. TY!

  3. This is amazing. I love it.