Thursday, April 23, 2015

Decorative Trimmings Blog Hop!

Who doesn't like trim!  You can use it to update, upcycle, refresh and renew within minutes....  For example, I bought a cute dress for Easter Sunday - my daughter politely informed me it would be okay to wear over leggings, but even though I wore mini skirts in the 60's (as in the 1960's) it might not be quite so cool for a mum IN her 60's..... hmmmm.  Guess I need to get some lace (wide lace) and sew it around the bottom...

In the meantime I received a box of trim from Decorative Trimmings for this month's Designer Crafts Connection blog hop.  Designers love to play with new product and I am no exception.  Unfortunately I received white lace trim in my goodie box - I needed black to lengthen my dress, but at least I now know where to get some!

Spring is wedding season and nothing says "wedding" like lace, so I pulled some additional supplies together and set to work.

Weddings + lace + candlelight = romance, so I pulled out some tall and short LED candles and simply wrapped them with the lace.  There was additional narrow trim in my goodie box, so I wrapped that around the top edge of the lace on the tall candle, added a bow and a flower and voilà, a quick'n EZ candle decoration fit for the church and/or wedding reception.

I wanted to do something a little different with the shorter candle, so I added the narrow trim around the neck of a glass container I found at the dollar store then placed the shorter candle inside.


Simple, elegant and made in a jiffy.......  I think it looks great just like this, but you could also put it in the center of a floral candle ring.

Outdoor weddings are also popular this time of year and I've noticed a lot of burlap being used for that "country feel", so here are some additional ideas using the same lace and trim.


I covered a rectangular shaped glass container with burlap then added the lace and the trim along the top edge of the lace.  The table number is also burlap, decorated with the trim (and a little lace brad at each corner that I found in my stash of stuff).  I attached the burlap to a piece of acrylic (from an old frame I think) with double sided tape and the iron on number at the center with glue dots; (quicker than getting my iron out).  This was then glued to a bamboo skewer and placed between the flowers.  You could also prop it up against the container.

There are lots more ideas to look at.  Use the blue, DCC logo in my sidebar to hop thru the webring to see them all, then don't forget to check out our post on the DCC Blog.   Enjoy!  Y'all come back now....

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. Once again a trio of wonderful designs that focus on the products, highlighting them at their very best.

  2. Anonymous4/23/2015

    so elegant. I love burlap and lace together.

  3. Oooh pretty! Love the combination of crochet/lace and burlap! It looks like many of us had the same mindset too - your pretty pieces would work perfectly with Lorine Mason's table set and my wedding bouquet! We need to have a burlap & crochet/lace wedding lol!

  4. Julie, these are just lovely!

  5. What a little bit of pretty lace can do to dress something up. Goes to show most times simple is best!

  6. Wow. o really love the look of the trimmings around the candles. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Adorable projects Julie!

  8. Julie,

    Thank You for your contribution to the Decorative Trimmings Design Circle. Your simple candle design add an elegant touch to an outdoor table setting and are a perfect compliment to go along with your burlap and lace center pieces.