Friday, November 2, 2012

Wood Laser Frames for Winter

Without further ado, here are the instructions for the Pine Cone laser frame:

You will need:

5"x7" Wood Laser Frame - available at Michaels Arts & Crafts stores
DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic paint:
    Bittersweet (Brown) and Snow (Titanium) White
DecoArt® Americana® Weathered Wood™ Crackling Medium
Decorative Twigs
Potpourri Mix (for Small Pine Cones, etc)
Glue Gun
Small Sea Sponge
Sponge Brush

1.  Paint the front of the frame brown.  Let dry then re-paint with an even coat of crackling medium.  Let dry thoroughly. 
2.  Using the sea sponge, dab white paint on top of the crackling medium.  Use a hair dryer or heat embossing tool to expedite the drying process.  As the white paint dries the crackle medium will crack to reveal the brown paint underneath.
3.  Use a glue gun to adhere twigs, pine cones and other embellishments to the center of the frame at the top.
4.  Place the frame on the wall around a small grapevine wreath, photo, etc. for a unique holiday decoration. 

This is the third frame in the Christmas series. 

I'll post the instructions for this next week, so  y'all come back now........

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. Anonymous12/07/2013

    Hi Julie, I have many of your books, your designs are beautiful. I have seen this frame
    in Michael's but I didn't know how to use it until now. This is a great idea for Christmas ornaments and for using vintage photos. which I will use for mine. Thanks for sharing this and for all your beautiful designs.
    I'm sorry for using 'anonymous' - I didn't understand the other profiles or how to use them. Hope you enjoy the holidays - all the best from Michelle Clare