Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Tipping Point"

This is a great book - all about how something will suddenly become a fad or a trend. It came to mind when I was reading about what a great new product "paper tape/paper ribbon" is. Yes it is! However "new" it isn't. Die Cuts With a View had some a few years ago and Beth and I showed samples from another company (sorry I can't remember the name) on Scrapbook Memories also a few years ago. It's amazing how important "timing" can be.

Paper tape is fun to use; a very versatile embellishment for lots of projects. You can also make your own very easily and customize it to suit your every need. All you need is some paper, a computer, printer, regular software (Word for example), a paper trimmer and some glue. You can even use white, or clear sticker paper for inkjet printers instead of paper and glue. It all depends on how you want your finished paper ribbon to look. Using paper will give it more dimension on your project, especially if you use card stock.

This basic sample was created in Word. You can make your strips 8.5" or 11" long depending whether you create it horizontally or vertically. They can also be any width. The text and colors in the box were created in the "drawing" toolbar. Toolbars open in the "View" menu. With this toolbar you can create all kinds of background effects for the text, plus be creative with the text itself. You can also add artwork using the "add picture" feature, or even photographs. Fonts like Dingbats, or Bodoni Ornaments also have artwork you can use. Play around with the possibilities, you'll be surprised how creative you can be!

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