Monday, May 31, 2010

Purple Reign

From the age of 10, we lived in old house. It was built in 1886 and had an upstairs, a downstairs an attic and a cellar. We even had a ghost....... I never saw it myself, but one day my 3 year old sister asked mum who the lady in the green dress was that lived in the cellar. Interesting........ When the house was built originally, the kitchen was in the cellar, so I guess that was why "the lady in the green dress" used to hang out there. she may have been the cook. The attic had 2 large bedrooms, which I suppose were for the "help", but I never saw her up there.

One of the other interesting things about the house was the fact that the ceilings were very tall - 10' or maybe 12'. My dad went to art school so he knew a lot about color, and design, etc, so he decided to paint the ceiling a dark color, so it wouldn't look so high up........ the next day it was purple! I must say, it looked really, really good especially with the 3 arm light fixture with the yellow glass shades with white dots. My dad was waaay before his time.

Color plays such an important part in our lives and on our emotions. There are happy colors, cool colors, warm colors, etc, etc. There are colors that make us move along - found in fast food restaurants, and colors that invite us to sit and rest awhile - doctors' waiting rooms. There's also a science about using colors in combination with other colors. Not something that I need to go into here, but just a reminder about how important colors can be, when we wear them and when we choose colors of paper for certain projects. For example, I always think of pastel blue if I'm making a card for a baby boy and pink for a girl. What do colors say to you? What do they say about you? I wore a school uniform for quite a few years and the shirts we had to wear were a drab shade of light green. My teachers were always asking me if I felt okay. Come to find out, colors reflect the opposite color and depending on the underlying tones of your skin - blue, or yellow the color worn would reflect a color in the face that would either counterbalance the skin's natural tone - a good thing, or enhance it - not so good. Bottom line, this particular green made me look sick, so I learned early on that this was "not my color", but I really love purple.

Hope you had a very memorable weekend!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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