Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrapbook Memories - Series 1600

Welcome to the studios! There used to be a driveway around here somewhere.......

Julie and Beth with our new, artist to artist segment host, Julie Fei Fan Balzer.

First stop is to see Karen in the make-up room, then we're ready to tape the "Opens".

Beth is responsible for answering viewers questions, so she keeps track of all the different products we show during the "Open" to each show.

This is the "Green Room" where we lay out projects, set out product and prep for segments. It's also the dressing room where change and keep track of what we wear on each show and snack!

Nikki Sivils was one of our guests for this series and Lisa Singer joined us again together with

Julianna Hudgins, who showed us all the great features of the ECLIPS
as well as some old favorites.

We have the best lunch room! It's a the top of the building, so we always have a great view of the weather....... the roof is glass too, so it was covered in snow that week!

Beth and I prep for a segment and Jewels pops in for a quick "Three Julie's" photo before she and I head for the airport. Julie Fei Fan Balzer stayed for the weekend, which was probably a good thing since all flights to New York were cancelled. Jewels and I made it home okay.

There are obviously a whole bunch of folks behind the scenes who play a BIG part in bringing Scrapbook Memories to you. This is Mike, the director.

The show is produced by Kathie Stull, KS Productions. Kathie has been in the Arts & Crafts Industry for over 20 years producing videos and TV Shows for PBS. Her other shows include:
Quilting Arts - Beads, Baubles & Jewels - Hands On Crafts for Kids - Bake, Decorate, Celebrate (Beth hosts this show too) - America Sews with Sue Hausman and Knitting Daily.

This new series won't start to air until late Spring, but you'll notice it's quite a bit different from past series. You'll see segments we taped on location at the CHA trade show and we've added some different types of projects. The Arts & Crafts industry is changing as new products are developed and designers discover new, creative things to do; plus, there's a whole, new generation of crafters out there who are just itching to dive into something creative. Mixed Media is the trend "du jour" and this was evident at the trade show in January. You know something's afoot, when a scrapbook company - Making Memories - features jewelry products in their booth. No we didn't have anything like that on the show, but it's an indication of change. We do talk about mixed media though and are looking for your feedback, so please stay tuned then let us know what YOU think. Viewer feedback is, and always has been very important to us.

Check out our group page on Facebook - you can leave comments there for us too! Enjoy!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. Anonymous4/04/2010

    Thanks for filling us in! I just checked the website for news of when the new season is scheduled to air.
    I love you guys! You have no idea how much you have helped me in my crafting (esp. scrapbooking) endeavors!