Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm the Adult - I think.....

It's snowing - again!!!! There's such a beautiful snowfall outside. Big ol' flakes that look like chunks of cotton candy. It's the kind of snow that makes you want to run outside, look up at the sky and let the flakes tickle your eyelashes. Truth is, I'm just not that kid any more and I'm more than happy to watch it through the window. I'm a Nana for goodness sake, though I must admit I still jump waves at the beach, wear a swimsuit and build crazy sandcastles with the kids.

I took my grandchildren to school yesterday morning. Dylan went to his classroom first then Jovie and I walked down the hallway to her room. We hung up her coat, put her lunchbag in the cubby then I gave her a big hug. She marched into her classroom, then turned and blew me a kiss as she started to pull her "work" off the shelf. I lingered in the doorway as tears welled up in my eyes, thinking "hey you, you're the adult, YOU aren't supposed to be the one to cry when you leave!" Maybe I do need to go play in the snow.

This is what I see from Craft Studio window:

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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