Friday, December 11, 2015

Candle Wax Ornaments

I love candle light, but no matter what I do, my large pillar candles burn unevenly and end up looking pretty yukky after a few evenings and I have lots of these....

I hate to throw anything away, so I decided to turn them into ornaments.

We've made handmade ornaments for the tree for years and I have to admit these are some of my favorites, mostly because they didn't cost anything!  Here's the tree with a sneak peek between the branches.

This is what you'll need: 

Candles, plastic cookie cutters, molds, silver thread, a ladle and a double boiler.  Yep, mine is very old. I learned how to make these in while living in Germany in the late 60's and make a new batch every couple of years of years or so.  They store well from year to year, but tend to melt and stick together if it gets really hot in the attic, or barn. Not a problem tho...  I simply re-melt them and make new ones! EZPZ.......  I recommend storing them inside.

Okay, let's get started:

Step 1:  Melt the wax in the double boiler.  It should be runny, but not too hot.  Be careful not to overheat.  BTW, since you'll be working with hot wax, this really isn't a craft for young children.

Step 2:  While waiting for the was to melt, make loops from silver thread.  I'm using a candy mold for these angels, so lay the knotted end of the thread into each angel shape.

Step 3:  Remove the pan from the stove, then use the ladle to carefully pour the wax into each shape.

Step 4:  After 2 or 3 minutes the wax will turn opaque on top.  Place the mold in the freezer.  After 10-15 minutes take the tray out of the freezer then tap quickly on the counter top. The was shapes will pop right out.

Step 5: You can also use silicone molds. This Father Christmas mold is available at Katy Sue Designs.  Designed for the cake decorating industry, it's also perfect for wax and paper clay as well as fondant. You can fill the mold completely or just the image. Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes then peel back the mold and the shape will fall out.


Cookie cutters are also great shapes for wax ornaments. Place the cookie cutters on wax paper on a flat surface then ladle the wax slowly into each shape. After about 20-30 minutes, carefully pop the sides away from the wax. 


 To make the hangers, thread a needle with the silver thread. I then sit in front of a lighted candle and heat the needle so I can pull the thread thru the top of each ornament. Keep re-heating the needle and thread all the ornaments.  Don't cut the thread. Starting with the last ornament, pull the thread thru until it is long enough to make the hanger. Cut, then knot the ends together. Repeat until you have a hanger on each ornament.  This method is a little faster than threading them one at a time....

Time to hang them on the tree, or add to decorations around the house.  You'll notice that your wax ornaments will glow when nestled among the lights on the tree branches - so pretty.


Hope you enjoy this fun recycling project, I also shared how to make the bows in a post earlier this month - they're EZPZ too!  Y'all come back now.... more easy ornaments to come!

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. These are very fun! Great for a homespun gift too. A little pop of Christmassy fragrance would be great too! Wish I had kept the bin with all of the soap molds. Sold it in a garage sale...:-(

  2. Love this idea! I use to make candles this way using an old coffee can and a double boiler. thanks for sharing.