Sunday, November 29, 2015

Night Light

Create a candlestick night light with a custom shade for a guest room, or any room in your house.

I started with a 12", glass candlestick and products I use for glass etching.

My theme was stars, so the first step was to create a star design on the base of the candlestick as follows:

1. Using a small punch, I cut stars from extra pieces of etchmask® then adhered them to the base.  To help place the stars evenly, place the base on top of a mat with a grid and use the guidelines visible thru the glass as a guide.

2. To etch the base, place the candlestick in a plastic dish deep enough to accommodate the base and about 1" larger. Carefully pour dip'n etch glass etching liquid into the dish until only the base is covered.  Pour to one side of the dish, not directly onto the glass. Leave for 15 minutes then remove the candlestick. Rinse and remove the stars, then pour the dip'n etch back into the container. Remember, etchall dip and crème are re-usable.  NOTE: You can also etch the base by covering with a liberal coat of etching crème.

The candlestick is now perfect for displaying an LED candle, but we can also add a custom shade in place of a candle.

You will need a Lighten Up kit from plus fabric. I used Fairfield OlyFun™ fabric. Available in solid colors, this fabric does not stretch or fray when cut. It's easy to work with and the weave allows light to shine thru. You will also need white glue, a sponge brush and trim.

1. Use the template included in the kit to cut the fabric. Cover the outside of the shade with an even coat of glue, then press the fabric in place.  Let dry then glue trim to the bottom and top edges of the shade.  Cut stars from paper then glue to the inside of the shade.  They will be visible when lit.

2.  Following instructions provided in the kit, add the batteries and and replace the cover. Push the button to switch on. The shade will only light up when the center (underneath) is depressed since it is designed to work when placed on top of a bottle. To keep the center depressed (and the light on), insert 2 ends of a toothpick into the edge around the center button as shown. Use the small button to switch the light on and off.

Light up your life and enjoy!  Y'all come back now........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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