Thursday, July 30, 2015

Etched Glass Seashell Frame

Sand, sea, sun and seashells - all the ingredients of perfect summer memories captured forever in this photograph and frame....

 My sister took this awesome photo of our grand children at the beach this summer. It's definitely one of my favorites and needed a special frame.
This is what I used:
etchall® Glass & Mirror Etching Creme
etchall® etch mask and transfer paper
Pik tool
Sponge brush
Double Glass frame
    *etchall® products for me to use were provided by B&B products.

Note:  Before starting the project, remove the pieces of glass from the frame and wash each piece thoroughly.

1. I drew artwork for the shells and starfish then re-sized and arranged them to create the border design to etch on the double glass frame.  I then uploaded my design to Cricut Design Space and cut the design from etch mask on the Cricut Explore.  The glass size was 8" x 10" so I sized the cut line round the edge of the design to measure 7" x 9". 

2.  After cutting, remove the outer border from around the edge then cover the etch mask with transfer paper.

3.  Remove the etch mask and transfer paper from the Cricut mat, then remove the backing sheet from the back of the etch mask.  Center the etchmask on the glass. There will be a 1/2" border of glass around the etch mask on all 4 sides.  Press securely in place with a squeegee, or old credit card. 

4.  Remove the transfer paper from the top of the etchmask then, using the pick tool, remove etch mask from the design areas to be etched. Set the transfer paper aside to use later; do not discard.

5.  Weed all areas around the edge of the etch mask.

When weeding make sure to pull the etch mask from the center of the piece, not the edge.

6.  Place strips of transfer paper around the edge of the etch mask to protect the exposed glass edge.

7.  Pour etching creme onto the center of the etch mask then spread thickly over the design areas around the edge. 

8.  Leave for 15 minutes.  etchall is re-usable, so scrape the creme back into the container.  Further instructions are available on each container and at

9.  Thoroughly rinse the remainder of the creme from the glass, then remove the etch mask and transfer paper.  Use a scraper if necessary to remove any remaining small pieces. Dry the glass.

10.  Assemble:  Place the etched piece of glass in the frame then the wooden spacer.  Attach the photo to the center of the second piece of glass then place it in the frame at the back on top of the spacer.  Cover with a solid piece of cardstock (I used dark blue) then secure with the frame tabs to finish. 

I enjoy creating my own designs to etch, but there are lots of stencil designs available at as well as your local arts & crafts retail store.  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now......

Yours truly,
Julie :)




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