Monday, April 7, 2014

DCC First Monday - Spring Flowers

I love flowers!  I like to paint them, photograph them and grow them in planters and barrels around the house and in the front yard.  Unfortunately Texas weather doesn't really cooperate except in Spring when the wild flowers here are beautiful.  Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and yellow daisies start to decorate the highways and byways in April, making it the prettiest time of year.  It's illegal to pick these, of course, so I venture to say they are the most photographed wild flowers in the US.

Snowdrops start to poke their heads thru the snow in February in the UK, followed by hosts of daffodils in March which grow willy nilly along the banks of both country and city lanes, up hill and down dale like clouds of yellow.  This is one of my favourite photos taken in York.

I used to collect wild flowers as a child and pressed them between the pages of the telephone book.  Once dried, I would place them in a journal with a note about where and when I found them together with the name.  I won a prize at school one year, for having collected the most wild flowers (almost 150, all found locally).  The prize was a book about trees - I have yet to figure that one out....

The most common of all wild flowers is the tiny daisy - they grow everywhere!  These are the tiny daisies we used to make crowns for our heads and daisy chains to drape around our necks.  My mum's lawn was always full of them and when I visited in the Spring of 1999 I couldn't resist picking a handful and pressing them between the pages of her phone book, so I could bring some home.  I quickly found a use for them and scanned them to show Scrapbook Memories viewers a technique for creating custom embellishments for their scrapbook pages.  I also used the dried flowers to embellish this scrapbook page. You can see them on the border on the left side of the page together with a few buttercups.  If you remember the earlier scrapbooking shows you may remember this page and, in case you're wondering, I still have a handful securely stashed away together with my other memories.....

I love all flowers, but my favourite flowers are tulips..... and daffodils... and fresias... and daisies... and iris, especially if they're all together in one big vase on my dining room table..........  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now..........

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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