Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twelfth Night!

January 6th is "Twelfth Night", the day we traditionally take down Christmas decorations in England.  It's also Epiphany and, like December 6th in some European countries, January 6th is the day children in Mexico and South American countries receive gifts acknowledging the day the 3 Kings arrived in Bethlehem with their gifts for the baby Jesus.  My mum always said it was bad luck to leave our decorations up after the 6th, so I guess I'm in for a rough year - I didn't get it done yesterday.  They're down today though.  Hopefully that will count for something.  Garlands and wreaths are now piled up on the table ready to be stored and all the ornaments are lovingly and carefully packed away in their appropriate boxes. The house looks so bare without the brightly lit tree by the fireplace, but Baby Jesus is still in his manger on the end table.  As my granddaughter reminded me, we don't put away Jesus just because Christmas is over.  Not her words exactly, but you'll understand if you read the story in the earlier post below.......

So what now...  it's a New Year and another 12 months of new possibilities.  Psychologically we seem to look at the New Year as time to start over, hence the making of New Year resolutions, basically setting new goals.  Many of them get broken, as quickly as they're made, but thinking about changes and setting new goals is always - dare I say, fun......  No?  Well let's make it fun.  The first step is to find a some kind of a notebook, journal or whatever inspires you.  The title is "New Year Resolutions" and on the first page you'll write 2012 and the list of what you would like to do this year, your goals and dreams.  Cut pictures from magazines, sayings from books, etc anything you like.  Add things as you think of them, but don't stress about it.  As the days, weeks and months fly by, you'll probably find you'll set your Resolutions Journal aside and totally forget about it, but that's okay.  The important thing will be to keep it in a place where you can find it next year and start a new page with 2013.  You'll probably look back over the things you wrote for 2012 and you'll be able to do this each year you keep it up.  Just think how interesting it will be ten, or more years from now.  I've never been disciplined enough to write in a diary, or keep up with an Art Journal every day, so having the freedom to write odd notes whenever I feel like doing it is fun.  Sometimes I'll write, or doodle on odd scraps of paper and "Post It" notes and all I have to do is glue them on a page in my book.  I even include photos, postcards, my grandchildren's drawings and so much more - whatever I want.  It's an original scrapbook - little bits of everything a totally unrefined, unartistic mish mash of just plain stuff with no rules and no restrictions.  I love it......  you might want to try it too.

The theme for the Designer Crafts Connection first Monday project this month is "Journaling".  You'll find even more ideas then, so......y'all come back now!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. I think getting them down today definitely counts. Besides. What happens to those of us who DIDN'T know it was bad luck and didn't get them down in time? :) Looking forward to the "Journaling" projects.