Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night!  It's almost Halloween which reminds of a rap I wrote for my children to perform in elementary school about 25 years ago.  This is a very condensed version; no idea what I did with the original, but that maybe a good thing:

It's Halloween and party time, so I thought I'd write a little rhyme
About pumpkins and witches, ghoulies and ghosts, all dressed up like 
(TV hosts?)
On All Hallows eve we go trick or treat, looking for lots of goodies to eat,
We score lots of chocolate and candy too, that sticks to our teeth like Elmer's glue.
Jack O'Lantern faces that glow in the night, are scary ol' pumpkins with their insides alight.
Bats and witches fly all about, so take it from me, you'd better watch out!
It was really cool back then at the height of rap music popularity....... 

Fall is also one of the busiest decorating and crafting seasons of the year.  Over a period of only 8 weeks, we decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Hanukah and Christmas, depending on personal family traditions.  But let's start with a couple of EZPZ Halloween cards.

You can find the images on my Images for Personal Use page.  Just drag into a Word document then print them out onto colored card stock together with titles.  Cut to size for cards and invitations, or use to decorate treat bags.  You can also print onto inkjet transparency sheets then cut to size and place inside a glass vase or candy jar filled with candy corn, marshmallows, or even an LED votive.  Print on vellum then adhere to the outside of a glass jar then place a tea light inside for a cool, spooky effect.  Inkjet transparencies can also be hung in a window, or from a light fixture. So many ideas, so little time.......   Y'all come back now!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. What fabulous designs! I love your idea of printing on transparencies and hanging in a window. Very cool! :)