Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life in the Craft Lane

If you checked my blog earlier, you'll notice I've changed the title. Not really sure why, except that I started to write a book about 15 years ago, entitled - you guessed it - "Life in the Craft Lane" by Designing Women. Designers had so many funny stories to share, I had thought it would be fun to write them all down and create a book for SCD members. For those of you, who may be new to the Arts & Crafts industry, SCD was the Society of Craft Designers. We got together once a year to learn, share, network and generally have a great time. The industry has changed a lot since then but the influence SCD members had on the industry is still apparent today. Anyway, I originally thought "The Creative Sides of Life" sounded kinda trendy especially since creativity can be so many things - gardening, cooking, decorating, etc and I love doing it all, but.......... when all said and done, I'm a crafter first and foremost and I think the new title reflects that. For a while anyway - who knows what it will be next month!!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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