Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mini Halloween Lampshades

I love to decorate with candles, tea lights, votive candles and more, especially around the holidays. With so many types of battery operated LED lights available, it's really easy to make decorative lighting accents yourself with simple items you probably have around the house. 

These wine glass tea lights are perfect for Halloween. The laminated shades are made with napkins, so you can use this idea to make decorative shades for any occasion!

You'll need the following supplies:
Xyron® Creative Station with  5" Laminate cartridge
LED Tea light
Plastic stemware - one glass for each light
One portion plastic cup
Glue dots

1. To make a pattern for the shade, cut an 8" circle with a 4" diameter hole cut from the center.  Cut  in half.  You can use a circle cutter to make the pattern, or draw around plates, jar lids, etc.

2.  Open up the napkin then lay the pattern on top.  Cut the napkin in half then trim at each end so it's a little longer than the pattern.  Make sure the pattern covers elements of the design you'll want on your shade.

3.  Place the laminate cartridge in your Xyron machine, then laminate the cut piece of napkin. Do not separate the napkin layers.  You can also use the larger laminate cartridge and place the napkin piece horizontally across the width of the cartridge.

4.  Place the pattern on the laminated napkin then cut out.  Option: Use decorative edge scissors along the lower edge.

5.  The napkin layers will separate after cutting. Use the top layer for the shade.  Simply pull the ends together, overlapping about 1/2" then secure with extra strength glue dots. The second layer can be also be used for another shade. 


6.  Assemble the plastic wine glass then place the one portion cup inside.  This will suspend the LED tea light above the bottom, so the light will shine thru the shade.  Place the shade on top of the rim.


Plastic stemware and the one portion cups can be found at your local grocery, or party store together with a wide range of fun napkins!  Enjoy!

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Yours truly,
Julie :)


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