Monday, September 18, 2017

Gift Market Trends - Fall 2017

I was able to visit the Dallas Gift Market last weekend and took lots of photos of the product displays in many of the showrooms.

Gift market is where owners/buyers go to purchase items to sell in their stores, so the showroom displays are a pretty good indication of the trends being promoted and trends we'll be seeing over the next 6 months or so.  As you look thru this photo gallery of displays, it's pretty obvious how much Joanna Gaines' "Fixer Upper" style continues to influence products and "look" for our homes - metal is everywhere. I also saw cotton twigs and magnolia leaves to accent the popular "Farmhouse" look.

Grab a glass of wine, cup of tea or coffee, put your feet up and take a stroll with me thru the gift market showrooms via the photos below, then share which trends YOU see in the comments:

Hope you enjoyed your walk thru the Dallas Gift Market with me.. That was a lot of photographs to look thru (it was certainly a lot to edit), but hopefully they gave you a little insight into what stores may be offering to their customers over the next few months or so, and a little inspiration for your own home......   Don't forget to share what you are seeing in home dec trends in the comments section.  Y'all come back now.............

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