Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sweets for My Sweet

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.......




Nothing says "I Love You" like chocolate kisses and heart shaped chocolate candy.  Boxes of chocolates are a traditional favorite of sweethearts everywhere, but a personalized gift is always extra special and these are easy to create.  All you need is an inexpensive mason jar, scraps of ribbon and/or trim, baker's twine, crystal stickers, double stick tape, glue and Joy Embroidered letters.


Step 1. Depending on the "look" you want, wrap the mason jar with ribbon. 


Step 2.  Adhere the letters with a small amount of glue.  I used the larger X and Os on top of the burlap and lace and spelled "WITH LOVE" on the white glitter ribbon with the smaller letters. I also added strips of pink crystal stickers along the top and bottom edges of the white ribbon.  

Step 3.  Decorate the lid by turning the center disc upside down then gluing it to the inside of the ring. The disc in the lid of the mason jar I used was a creamy color, so this color is now on top.  Wrap the outside of the lid with double stick tape, then wind the bakers twine around the edge.  The tape will hold the baker's twine in place.  Glue 4  U to the top of the lid then add crystal stickers around the edge of the disc to finish. 

Fill the jar with foil wrapped candy.  The multicolored wrapped candy kisses looked so pretty, I didn't think the jar needed a ribbon wrap.  This would make a quick'n EZ teacher gift......   Enjoy! Y'all come back now.

Yours truly,
Julie :)


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