Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pillow Talk

Designer Crafts Connection members were challenged to create pillows using pillow forms from Fairfield.  These are the supplies I received to work with:  2, 12" square pillow forms, a 6" x 20" neck pillow and Oly Fun fabric.


My mum always had lots of what she called "scatter cushions" on the sofa and chairs in our living room and lounge. They often changed with the seasons and although small, they always made a big impact on our surroundings.

Using the neck and 12" square pillow forms and 3 colors of Oly Fun I decided to create some fun scatter cushions of my own.

I love the bright colors of Oly Fun and it's a fabric I can use inside as well as out.  I especially liked the fact that I didn't necessarily have to pull the sewing machine out to make these pillows, although I must admit, if you end up using these in a pillow fight, the odds would be on the sewn pillow.  Mine are purely for decoration.

Here's how I covered the neck pillow:

1. Unroll the fabric and cut 2,12" pieces from width.  Wrap around one end of the neck pillow with about one half hanging off the edge.  Secure with a quilt pin.


2.  Tightly gather the fabric hanging off the end and wrap securely with a rubber band.

3. Pull the gathered end back over the end of the pillow.  It might be easier if you remove the fabric from the pillow to do this. Turn the cap inside out.

4.  Glue the overlapped edges together.  Place one "cap" on each end of the pillow.

5.  Cut 2, 5" wide strips of orange and place them across each end of the pillow, then cut a piece of pink, wide enough to cover the center. 

6.  The strips should overlap about 1/2".  Overlap the ends of each strip at the back of the pillow then glue in place.  The fabric is a little transparent, so I added jumbo rick rack from Decorative Trimmings over the area where the 2 colors overlapped.  The ends were glued in place at the back of the pillow.

7.  The square pillow is less complicated because there are no ends to cover.  I simply cut a 20" strip of fabric and wrapped it around the pillow form just like I was wrapping a Christmas present.


8.  I wrapped a complementary colored, folded strip of fabric and length of rick rack around the center then glued the overlapped ends together at the back.  This band held the fabric in place around the pillow, but for added security, I glued the folded ends in place.

You can see lots more ideas from other DCC members by hopping thru the webring using the blue, DCC logo in each designer's sidebar.  There's also a linky party collection on the DCC blog where you can add your own ideas!  So, come join the party!  Enjoy!  Y'all come back now........

Yours truly,
Julie :)



  1. Anonymous6/25/2015

    Cute pillows, love the bright colors.

  2. Super cute and I love that you didn't sew them.