Monday, July 15, 2013

Rowlux® Illusion Film Designer Challenge

Designer Crafts Connection members and CHA Designers have been challenged to design with Rowlux® Illusion Film, a brand new product for the Arts & Crafts Industry  -  Made in the USA!

I saw a similar product at the International Craft and Hobby Fair in England about 8 years ago and couldn't wait to create with it.  Unfortunately there wasn't a comparable product here in the US, so it didn't make sense to inspire anyone to create with a product that wasn't readily available - UNTIL NOW!

Illusion film is a transparent, colored "plastic" material (polycarbonate) which gives the illusion of depth, motion and texture.  It can be cut with scissors, both plain and decorative edge, a craft knife and trimmer, and you can cut shapes with punches and steel rule dies.  It can also be scored and folded.  With so many colors and patterns to choose from, so many ideas and so little time, it was hard to choose what to do first, but here's a simple project and a couple of ideas to inspire you!


Create a simple shade then place on top of a champagne glass to create a decorative votive candle.  Even in daylight you can see the swirls of the illusion film.  Place a small LCD votive inside the glass for evenings.

The shade is simple to make.

1.  Make a paper pattern as follows:  Cut a 9" or 10" circle from paper, cut a 4" circle from the center then fold and cut in half.   You will only need one half.  Adjust your pattern as needed to fit your champagne flute, or wine glass.  Fold the paper pattern, into a circle and overlap the edges.  Make sure that the opening in the top fits over the top of the glass you want to use for the votive.  By adjusting the overlapped edges you can make the shade wider, or narrower at the bottom. When the paper pattern is adjusted to your liking, trim the overlapped edges.  It will look something like this:

2.  Place your pattern on the film then cut, using decorative edge scissors to cut around the bottom edge.

3.  Using a hand punch, make three small holes along each edge, making sure the holes are aligned.  Overlap the edges, then secure with a small brad.


4.  Illusion film is so pretty, it really doesn't need any additional embellishments, but, as you can see, I added small, silver metal Crystal Stickers for extra bling.

I've always loved the look of colored lanterns, so I cut pieces of green and blue film and placed them on the outside of the glass panels of the lanterns that hang on my back porch.  PLEASE NOTE:  I burn real candles in these lanterns, so I placed the film on the OUTSIDE of the glass.  See how pretty they look even in daylight.

So what do you do with small pieces you might have left over?  I used a punch to cut 1" circles then added a small hole on opposite sides with a hand punch.  I connected the circles with silver jump rings to create a garland, but circles could be added to a piece of jewelry chain with jump rings for a retro looking necklace.  Don't you just love the way this illusion film catches the light!  You can easily make a pair of matching earrings too.  


Using the blue DCC "hop forward" button in my sidebar you'll find even more creative ideas using this fun new product.  If you want to try it for yourself, you can find this product on Amazon, OR enter to WIN    Rafflecopter giveaway  

Enjoy!  Y'all come back now..........

Yours truly,
Julie :)




  1. Love the lantern and the lampshade. I actually need some lampshades and it would be cool to use this material. I think you are the first designer to mention using brads to fasten it. That's a great idea.

    1. Thanks Jean! This is a fairly stiff product so brads are great to use. Eyelets work well too! There are so many ideas, it was hard to limit the projects\ :)

  2. great projects, love the pink shade perfect for a little girls room, and the outdoor projects are a great way to enjoy the reflection of daylight on this great product.

    1. Thanks Maria... the moiré effect of the product is great for anything that can catch the light.

  3. Julie your projects are so creative and diverse! We love how you created the molded flower and lanterns! No shortage of creativity in the craft lane!