Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Crafts

The weather is very "fallish" this week and windy, so the grandkids and I thought it would be fun to have some ghosts flying from the trees for Halloween.


Not a reason to make a long trek to the store though, so we gathered up some supplies from around the house:  Coat hanger, 4" Smoothfoam™ Ball, Tall Kitchen Bag, black permanent marker (I use Painter™ markers), string to hang, plus scissors and pliers. (I used my hubby's, but you can borrow from anyone if you need to.)

 Step 1 :  Straighten out the coat hanger hook.

 Step 2 :  Lay the trash bag flat.  Then cut slits about 2" wide from the bottom upwards.  Stop 15" from the top!  Place the coat hanger inside the top opening.

 Step 3 :  Gather the trash bag ties around the neck of the coat hanger.  You can leave them like this, or carefully stuff the ends to the inside.

 Step 4 :  Cut ONE LAYER of each strip about 4"-6" from the top.  Alternate cutting from the front and the back of the loop.  Think about this before cutting!  You don't want to cut them off, but by cutting one layer you'll make them longer.

 Step 5 :  Push the straightened out hook from the coat hanger into the base of the ball.  You'll know where this is because there's a little hole to guide you.

 Step 6 :  Push the ball all the way down then use the pliers to fold over the end of the wire.  Squeeze tightly together so when you loop string thru the hook, it won't come off.

 Step 7  :  Now you have to add some eyes and a mouth with the black marker, or paint.  Nice thing about Smoothfoam™ is, that it is - SMOOTH - so you don't have to prep the surface, or anything.  The kids liked doing this the best.  We have some pretty scary looking ghosts!

Now wasn't that easy!  In no time at all you'll have ghosts dancing in the wind all around the house.  Woo Hoo!

Happy Haunting!  Hope y'all make it back now!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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