Sunday, July 22, 2012

Craft Wars!

Michaels opened a new Arts & Crafts store this weekend in Irving, Texas, home of their corporate offices.  Despite the 107˚ record heat on Saturday and 101˚ today, customers were literally hot to trot and flooded the new store and the Make'n Take tent in the parking lot.  Shoppers were also given the opportunity to participate in a mini Craft Wars contest, judged by Jo Pearson, Michaels spokesperson and Craft Wars judge, and Cathie and Steve, hosts of Creative Juice.  It was a wonderful weekend and a great witness to the fact that crafting is HOT - literally, and not just in Texas.  Here are some candid photos taken today.  Enjoy!

This is Glossy the Mod Podge mascot with Ken Oliver and Cathie Filian.   It was so hot, I thought perhaps there was another reason she was glossy........

It was definitely a "fun in the sun" weekend.  Many thanks to Michaels for sponsoring the mini Craft Wars event and also an extra special thank you to all the corporate employees who gave up a weekend with their families to make this a successful event!

Craft Wars is now airing on TLC, each Tuesday at 8pm EST and 7pm CST.  Please check local listings for other time zones.   Y'all come back now.......

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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