Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrapbook Scoop!

Paper and photos and glue, oh my!  Sometimes I think I'd rather have lions and tigers and bears..... at the zoo, of course.  I fly to Cleveland on Saturday because next week we're taping the second series of Scrapbook Soup.  I'm looking at the show schedule now and you are going to LOVE it!  I've been preparing projects all week, putting together a whole lot more to share and oh boy have I ever made a mess.  At least it's a "creative" mess.  I need a "caution" sign on my craft room door!  CAUTION - Creative Mind at Work (and play).   Just look at this!!!


Believe it or not, it's very organized - organized chaos my sister calls it.  Tomorrow I pack, so I'll take another photo and you'll see what a difference a day makes.  My desk is even worse, but my computer desktop, however, is very organized.  It has to be otherwise I'd be constantly hitting the command F (Find) button.  One thing I hate more than anything, is having to waste time looking for something that I absolutely know, without a shadow of a doubt, is there.  Everything's got to be somewhere, right....

Anyway this is just a heads up that I'll be posting sneak peak photos next week from the studio, so y'all come back now............

Yours truly,
Julie :)


  1. Have a great time.

  2. Anonymous4/12/2012

    Any chance you might be teaching at any events while you are in OHIO?