Saturday, February 4, 2012

Celebrity Sightings - CHA Winter 2012


One of the reasons designers like going to CHA so much is that it's a great time to get together and catch up.  Here are a few candid shots I took while walking the show floor.  You'll recognize many of them as being members of the Designer Crafts Blog Connection.  

Here they are, in no particular order:  Jenny Barnett Rohrs - CraftTestDummies (check the link in my sidebar), Patty Wack - I Love to Create, Wendy Russell - She's Crafty on ION Life TV channel and Terri "O", CHA Spokesperson.  

Michelle Cummins - Faerie Dust Dreams

Theresa Cifali - Mixed Media Artist demoing at the Impress Metal Stamps booth.

Ann Butler, Kerry Goulder - Kid Giddy and Jill McKay

And here they are again with Marisa Pawelko - this year's Horizon Award winner.

Here I am with fellow Brits, Julie and Sue.  Don't you just love those T-Shirts!!

And here's Mark Lee with more Brits at the Flower Soft booth.

"Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends in very good company"

 Jen Goode - J Goode Designs in her booth in the License and Design section.

And Carla Schauer next door......

Ann Butler demoing at the Makins Clay booth

and here's Victor Domine helping the Purple Cow keep things "mooving"....

Candice Windham caught in the act, oops, I mean aisle...

with Beth Watson close behind.

Here I am at the EK Success booth with an old friend, Carol Snyder.

And here's "Jewels", Julianna Hudgins both coming

and going..... check out that "bling"

Tiffany Windsor - Cool2Craft online TV Show seen here at the Innovations Media event, demoing her new product Cool2Cast.  I have to say, everything Tiffany does is always "cool".

Debra Quartermain at her booth in the License & Design section

I caught up with Terre Fry at the Spellbinders booth

and last, but not least Babyville Boutique creator, Jean Kievlan with Laura and Gwen
from Prym Dritz at the Innovations Media event.

I saw lots more friends, but didn't always remember to whip out the camera - sorry!  I did get lots of photos of the booth displays though and I'll be posting those Monday!  Plus I'll be giving away some of the new products you've been hearing about.......  y'all come back!

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. A star studded convention! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Bet you had a blast!