Friday, September 16, 2011

When is A Frame Not a Frame?

A frame is pretty much always a frame, but it doesn't always have to have a photo.  This frame was découpaged with scraps of leftover paper then embellished with ribbon.  Even the center part was covered with ribbon, but, yes you could use paper for the center too.  I also glued gros grain ribbon around the outside edge to finish then glued a letter to the center!  Not bad for an EZPZ project!  And the frame was only a $1 - less if I'd had my coupon.......

I used Elmer's Fabric and Paper glue and applied it to the wood surface with a sponge brush.  I could have used it for the ribbon too, but, except for the ribbon around the outside edge, I used Elmer's adhesive dots to hold the short pieces in place and Tacky glue for the letter.   Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie :)

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  1. Heather M.9/24/2011

    I just picked up some heart shaped frames from Michaels. I used some color wash spray with a mask & some Prima flowers. This is a fun project to decorate.