Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Giveaway!

I'm in the studio this week taping a new show.  Yes, that's right, I said "new show".  Series 1600 was the last series of Scrapbook Memories  :(    After 8 years, it was time to update....  I have a feeling you're going to love the new show, Scrapbook Soup (for the creative soul).  So, our giveaway for this month will be a set of DVDs of the final series of Scrapbook Memories.  To enter to win, you must leave a comment about your favorite craft show (past or present) on the blog where you find the Scrapbook Memories logo.  Let us know what you liked best about the show then leave a comment here about what you'd like to see on the new show.  We'd also like to know what your favorite, product, craft, or technique is.  This is the logo your looking for:

The winner will be announced on 0414, so y'all come back now!

Yours truly,
Julie :)


  1. I tried but about 15+ blogs in, I hit a loop where I got sent back to a blog I'd seen about 6 stops before. I also tried to click the DC Connection link on your badge but got a "Gnarly" message.

  2. Kelly Clark4/05/2011

    I hate to hear that Scrapbook Memories is history, but excited about the new show-neat title. The thing I liked about SM was how you always worked to keep things up to date and show us the newest in scrapbooking. I love to try new techniques so I'm hoping to see this in your new Soup!

  3. I loved Scrapbook Memories and still watch it. I liked the different products you used as well as the different crafts you demonstrated. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the new show....
    katknit at gmail dot com....

  4. Anonymous4/05/2011

    Oh, Julie, I am not sure if you are telling me to leave a message SOMEWHERE ELSE that has the Scrapbook Memories logo on it, or if here is the right place! But my favorite show was the one where you did the flag book - that was so clever! I would love to have written directions for it - you made it look so easy, but it looks so complicated! Anyway, so sad to see Scrapbook Memories going away - feel like I want to cry! I NEED to win the DVD set to get my SM TV fix! but I know I will love the Scrapbook Soup show if you are in it!

    Katie Wilson

  5. The thing I liked most about the old show was how to do new things. Loved the mixed media shows. Loved how you had guest speakers, Julie Fei Fan Balzer, Jewels, just to name a couple. Can't wait for the new show.

  6. I would love to see art journaling..that is so hot right now as well as going green..using toilet paper rolls for mini books etc.

  7. Would love to see new products demo'd and new techniques, thanks for the opportunity to win the great DVD, what a treasure!!

  8. I'm sorry to say but I'd never heard of Scrapbook Memories- I've never seen it on before but I'm definitely interested in it. I love seeing new techniques though not necessarily new expensive tools. I also like mini albums but practical ones- one where I can put a real photo in, not just wallet sized ones. And thank you- I see the DC Connection is working again. :)

  9. I love to watch Scrapbook Memories! I wish there were more craft shows on TV! I like how easy everything is to follow! You always do the best job of explaining. Then I like how you can go online and check out the cliffs notes after!

    littleumbrella (at) wow (dot) com

  10. I loved this show even though it was hard to find. I hope the new one will have a same air time and such!

  11. I am visiting my parents in Rhode Island and stumbled upon scrapbook memories on byu t.v. and LOVE it!!! I guess I've been watching re-runs of the show...the 1300 series but I do not care!! I hope I can watch in NC when I get home. Anyway, I love the segments on digital scrapbooking...I dabble a little and love the tips Renee P gives on the show! I too wish there were more crafty shows on TV! Thanks for the chance to win a dvd of the final series!

  12. I, too, am unsure if this is the spot but will give it a whirl. My favorite craft show of all time was the Carol Duvall Show. she had a little bit of everything & was very knowledgable about her subjects. She also knew when to step back & allow the guest to work their magic! Miss her & that show.

  13. Julie,
    This is a no brainer for me, I have loved scrapbook memories since the beginning!! I love scrapbook memories!
    Kim W

  14. Anonymous4/11/2011

    I have been watching Scrapbook Memories for several years...and I mean several. Scrapbook Memories is my favorite show because of all of the products you feature on the show and also show us
    how to use them. What more could a crafter want. As a matter of fact it was your show several years ago that I saw the QuicKutz tool...I went out to the local scrapbook store and bought one. I got lucky that they had one! Thanks Julie and Beth for a great show! I miss Michele!!! :)
    Lois R.

  15. Julie,
    One of my most favorite show was the time you made a flag scrapbook. I love that idea so much I made several for family members.
    Provo Craft has the Yudu and the Imagine. I would love to see more projects with those items. I love the Home Decor Projects!
    Love Scrapbook Memories