Sunday, March 6, 2011

Still Looking for the Logo?

Most of the designers in our group update their blogs on a regular basis, so you may have to scroll down a ways to find "Cricut".  Check their entries for March 3rd.  Good luck and y'all come back now!  The winner will be announced on March 13th!

Yours truly,
Julie :)


  1. Sylvia3/07/2011

    Hi Julie! I've been hopping and posted a comment a couple days ago with all logos found, but have not seen it posted yet. And how do I sign up to be a "follower"? Do I need to create a Google account first? I enjoy your blog and have enjoyed watching you on Scrapbook Memories for years. Thanks for the great crafting inspiration. ...Sylvia

  2. Hi Sylvia, If I posted your comment I'd be letting everyone know where the logos are....LOL All the comments will be approved on the 13th. To sign up as a follower click on the word "follow" at the top of the blog on the left next to the white search field. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous3/10/2011

    Hey Julie ... I love watching Scrapbook Memories, but wish BYU would run the more recent series rather than the old ones! I am watching on DirectTV in Florida. AND I am looking forward to Scrapbook Soup!!

    I loved this blog hop. Saw artwork by many talented folks. I have already subscribed to some of their Blogs for continued viewing and inspiration!

    Here's my list: 1. Carol Heppner's Studio; 2. Vicki O'Dell - The Creative Goddess; 3. Fat Cat Creations (Cindi Bisson); 4. Veronica: Muse at Play (Veronica Goff); 5. Creativity Stirs the Soul (Ann Butler Designs); 6. Laura Bray - Katydiddys; 7. Balzer Designs Handmade Art (Julie Fei-Fan Balzer); 8. J.Goode The Blog (Jen Goode); 9. Life in the Craft Lane ... (Julie McGuffee)

    Thanks, Joan

  4. 1. Life in the Craft Lane, 2. Carol Heppner, 3. Theresa Cifali, 4. Vicki O'Dell, 5. Julie Fei Fanbalzer, 6. Laura Bray, 7. Jen Goode, 8. Ann Bulter, 9. Ronnie Goff.

  5. Lol. it's pretty easy if you go back...