Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Pineapple Welcome Slate

You're slated for success when you create a 
"Welcome" sign with a slate and etchall® etching crème!

You will need:
etchall® etching crème
etchall® etchmask and transfer paper
8" x 12" slate*
etchall® Pik tool and squeegee
Stencil pattern (vinyl)
*Not all slate will etch. Check a small area on the back before starting your design.

1. Cut the stencil with a digital die cutting machine.  

NOTE: You can cut the stencil across the center, separate the two halves then add a stencil for the word "WELCOME" in the space between. If you have access to Cricut Design Space, you can find the complete stencil design here

2. Cover the stencil with transfer paper. Press firmly in place then lift the stencil from the mat and remove the backing paper.

3. Position on the slate then use the squeegee to press firmly in place.  Remove the transfer paper.

4. Cover the open areas of the stencil with etching crème.  Use pieces of the transfer paper to cover the slate not covered by the stencil to prevent accidental etching. Don't skimp - etchall crème is re-usable.

5.  Leave the crème on the stencil for 15 minutes then scrape as much as possible back into the container.  Rinse away any residue with a soft sponge in a bucket.  Do not do this over a porcelain sink to avoid accidental etching.  

6. Peel away the stencil then rinse the slate once more. Let dry.  Do not dry with a towel, or paper towel to avoid leaving bits of residue on the slate's rough surface.


Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,


Monday, July 2, 2018

Pineapple "Purse"onality

Everyone needs a trendy purse for the summer!  

This one was made using felt I received from Kunin®, my Cricut® Maker die cutting machine and the following supplies:
  • Kunin® Premium 12" x 18" Felt - Kelly Green
  • Kunin® Classic 9" x 12" Felt - Yellow and Apple Green
  • Cricut® Maker & Rotary blade
  • Weeding tool
  • Cord (for strap) - 1 yd
  • 2 Tassels - Yellow
  • 2 Beads - 5/8" Green
  • Mini pom-pom trim (Expo Intl) - 7"
  • Felt glue or Lo-temp glue gun
  • Embroidery needle
  • Thread or embroidery floss - yellow and dark green
  • Pins
  • Scissors

1.  Download the pineapple design then upload to Cricut Design Space.

2.  Unlock the design by selecting the lock icon at the bottom left corner, then set the size to 3" x 7".

3.  Continue to the next screen then move design so it is 3" from the left and 1" from the top of the canvas.

4. Select material on the next screen. Browse "all materials",  search felt then select "Felt Acrylic Fabric" in the menu.  On the next screen select "more" under the pressure menu.

5. Place the 12" x 18" piece of Kelly Green premium felt on the pink mat, then cut.

6.  Weed the felt while still on the mat then carefully lift the felt from the mat.  With the design at the center trim the width of the felt to 7".

7.  Trim the width of yellow and green classic felt pieces to 6" then with edges touching, glue them behind the pineapple design - green at the top and yellow at the bottom.  Trim as needed.


8. With the design at the front, fold the bottom part of the felt upward to create the purse.

9.  To make the casing for the cord on either side of the purse, place the cord across the 9" width of the yellow felt about 1" from the edge. Fold the edge over, then secure with a simple up and down (running) stitch. Take care not to stitch thru the cord. The cord needs to move freely thru the casing.

10.  Cut away the excess felt from the casing then use this piece to create a second casing around the cord.  Sandwich the casing between the front and back at one side.  

11.   Pin in place then repeat on the other side with the second casing.  Stitch the sides together with the casing in between the front and back at each side of the purse.  Note: You can also glue together.

12.  Tie a knot at one end of the cord then pull the cord up thru the casing until the knot rests at the bottom (fold).  Adjust the length of the cord as desired, then cut the opposite end flush with the bottom of the purse.  Stitch the end of the cord to the casing to secure.  Cut the knot off the end of the cord on the other side then stitch.  


13.  Stitch, or glue the mini pom-pom trim across the bottom of the purse then attach a bead and tassel to each corner as follows:  Secure a length of yellow thread to the corner, thread thru the bead, thru the top of the tassel, then back up thru the bead.  Pull up against the corner, then stitch securely in place.

Add a cell phone, billfold, etc and you're good to go.....  

Enjoy!  Y'all come back now...........

Yours truly,
Julie 😊


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Light Up Your Parties!

Add a few tea light mugs to your party table,
made even more special with StyleTechCraft® vinyl accents and etchall® etching dip'n etch!

You will need:
StyleTech Transparent Vinyl - one sheet each of red and blue
2 Tea light glass mugs
etchall® dip'n etch glass etching liquid
Transfer paper 
Paper trimmer, or craft knife and metal edge ruler
Digital cutting machine, or star punch
Painters tape

1. Remove the lid and tea light fitting from each mug then wash and dry the mugs thoroughly. Fill one mug with dip'n etch. Following directions on the container, let sit for 15 minutes then carefully pour the liquid from the first mug into the second.  After 15 minutes, pour the liquid back into the container to be used again.  Rinse the mugs thoroughly.  

Note: Place painters tape around the inside of the top of the mug to prevent the liquid from etching that area as you pour out the dip'n etch. 

See the difference that etching makes!

2. Using a paper trimmer, cut four, 1/2" wide strips of red vinyl. Trim to the length needed to fit around the outside of the mug.  Peel away the backing from each strip, then with the strips spaced about 1/2" apart, adhere to the outside of one of the mugs.

3. Using a digital cutting machine, create a 3" wide border of 1/2" stars, 1" apart as shown on the blue vinyl.  While the vinyl is still on the mat, weed (remove) the stars.  Note: Measure around the glass to determine how long the star border strip needs to be.  This strip measured 3" x 10".

4.  In order to place the border on one of the glasses, cover the border with transfer paper then remove  from the mat.

5. Remove the backing from the blue vinyl then, with the blue vinyl against the glass, carefully position around the glass mug, starting at the handle.  Press in place making sure there are no creases, then remove the transfer paper.

Replace the tea light fittings, add tea lights and the top - Time to party!

StyleTech vinyl is available in a variety of styles and colors.  Check their website @ StyleTechcraft.com for more information.

I received these samples of vinyl and etchall dip'n etch at no charge from the manufacturers to create a project to share with my readers.  Check the DCC  links to see more projects created by Designer Crafts Connection members featuring StyleTech vinyl.  Enjoy!

Y'all come back now.........

Yours truly,
Julie 😊


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trim it Up with Expo International

I've got tassels and buttons and trims, oh my!
"Houston we have a problem" - what to make first!

T-shirts and aprons pillows and hats,
Baskets and bags, purses and mats.
Just add some trim, it's easy to do
And soon your old stuff will be looking like new!

This is just a small selection from Expo International and already I'm in creative overload. T-shirts, aprons, hats, pillows - pretty much anything can go from boring to beautiful with the addition of one or two, well-chosen trims.  Here are a few ideas to start with....

You will also need:
Needle and thread
Lo-temp glue gun
Fabric glue
Double sided photo mounting tape
Glue spots

Up-cyled Headband:

An old headband had seen better days, but it fit nicely (on my head too), so instead of throwing it away I decided to cover it with lace and trim.  I chose stretch lace, simply because the headband was about 1" wide at the top, but tapered to 1/2" at each end.

1.  Cut the lace to size.

2.  Attach one end of the lace to the end of the headband with a glue spot, then pull over the top and attach to the opposite side. Secure the end.  Because the lace stretches the edges will curl inward.

3.  Adhere the photo mounting tape to the underside of the headband. Remove the cover from the tape then glue the edges of the lace to the tape.

4.  Trim the lace at each end as needed.

5.  Adhere rhinestone trim on top of the lace for some evening sparkle!  

Pillow Pizzaz
Pillows don't have to be plain and boring! 

 Glue, or sew woven braid along the pattern lines for an updated look.  
Note: Dip ends of trim in glue to prevent fraying.

Add a second trim for even more pillow pizzaz and a tassel at each corner!

Summer Bag

Nobody likes a boring bag.  Jazz it up with the same trims used on the pillow, plus 3/8" pom pom trim.

1.  Cut 4 pieces of woven braid trim and 2 pieces of pom pom trim the width of the bag,  Dip ends of trim in fabric glue to prevent fraying.  Sew or glue trim in place as shown.  

2.  Glue the flower, or other complimentary trim on top of the woven braid.

Swag Bag

Glue woven braid trim around the edge of the iron-on vinyl flag for a more finished look.
Note: Dip ends of trim in fabric glue to prevent fraying.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Check out the other blogs listed below then head back to the Designer Crafts Connection blog to enter to win your own treasure chest of trims!

Beth Watson
Julie McGuffee - You are here!
Designer Crafts Connection


Enjoy!  Y'all come back now.......

Yours truly,