Friday, October 4, 2019

Dancing Storyteller - Making a Difference

It's October! Let's share the love and "Makerdifference"

For those of you who have a Cricut® cutting machine and are familiar with the "Dancing Storyteller" Facebook group, here's a shirt to make for yourself and/or a friend.... 

You'll Need:
Cricut® cutting machine
Cricut® Iron-on - White and Hot Pink foil
EasyPress® or iron
Shirt - I got mine at Target

1. Sign in to CDS then click on the link above. You'll see this (hopefully).... 

2. Select "Customize".  Designs for the front and back of the shirt are on the same page.  The design for the front of the shirt is cut from white iron-on and the ribbon and the wording on the back is cut from pink foil. Cut the design for the front of the shirt first. Hide the wording for the back, by clicking on the "eyeball" next to the design icon in the bar on the right of the screen. Size the design based on the size of your shirt. You will also need to size the ribbon. Follow regular cutting instructions AND, remember to select Mirror Image on the next screen!  After cutting, hide this design, then reveal the wording for the back and the ribbon by clicking on the "eyeball".  Re-size if needed, then move the design up to the top corner of the screen. Cut from pink foil.

3.  Weed both designs. Place the white design on the front of the shirt then press in place. Remove the liner.  Separate the pink "ribbon" from the wording on the foil cut out, then place the pink ribbon in the space between the "D" and the "a".  Press in place.  

4. Place the Easy Press mat, or a folded towel, inside the shirt.  Place the wording on the back of the shirt then press in place to finish.  

NOTE: Follow instructions provided on each roll of iron-on and your Easy Press.

 For readers who don't have a Cricut machine, feel free to use the following designs. Simply drag onto your desktop then upload to the software you use.  Ribbon SVGs are readily available in most software packages.



 Wear with pride.....  not only in October, but throughout the year. Cancer surrounds us every day of every year, not just in October.........

Yours truly,

We don't care if someone is watching!